Why You Aren’t In Your Twin Flame Connection

Twin flames come into your life to help you find a way back to yourself. As soon as you meet them, you know this intrinsically. You often feel completely different with your twin. In the case of meeting mine, I found my sarcastic side, the side that is overly critical had basically disappeared. I was left vulnerable and wide open.I found myself saying things that my friends were aghast at and felt that if I did not state my feelings to them, I would choke on them.

Don’t expect this to be an easy ride. It will feel like a rollercoaster of emotions that will put you through hell. You have to be strong for this. Your ego will be put through the ringer and if you and your twin are not in reunion it is because one or most likely both of you have not done the following.

1. You Have To Love Yourself

Most twin flames have an equal amount of childhood trauma such as physical, mental or sexual abuse. The relationships we have are normally with others who are emotionally unavailable or toxic. These are normally trauma bond relationship. In a twin flame relationship it is getting past that through the power of love. This power helps you truly love yourself. In this relationship you will recognize your own patterns and shadows and can change them. You must love yourself and not try to find your wholeness in your twin flame.

2. Unconditional Love

This was something I really never had a problem with.From the moment I met my twin I fell, well actually it was the first time we were alone. Every day since then it has gotten deeper and deeper. I would rather see him happy at any cost, which honestly I do not think is that healthy, but it is what it is. This aspect can be hard because the amount of rejection is insane, but each time I think it can’t hurt any more than the last, it does. The good news is you can feel yourself growing, evolving and becoming a better you.

3. Not Living In The Present

The past is where we come from and we should not avoid it, but we also should not live in it. We are to learn from it and move past it. The future is ever changing and to dwell there is fruitless. It is in the present where we learn lessons and learn to appreciate all the little things that life is giving and showing to move us forward..

4. Not Dwelling On The Positive

It is so easy in a twin flame journey to be in your head especially during separation. Most likely you feel as if your heart has been ripped out of your body and you will never be happy again. When not in their presence you miss them like crazy. There are periods where you resent this pain and him (her). When you spiritually awake, your ego is still part of you and will try to pull you back into the matrix. I actually had my heart chakra spin the opposite way to stop the pain. The problem was I knew this was wrong, despite the relief I felt.

You will be made to doubt your connection and you will feel as if they never loved you. But the reality is that love is the highest force there is, and then all you can do is send out out love.

5. You Can’t Be Alone

Being Aquarius I always need moments of quiet and alone. You cannot have a twin flame reunion if you can’t be alone. You need to be comfortable within. When you can be present with yourself you have access to your soul. When you overcome lonely moments and feel at peace you begin to understand that you don’t need anything or anyone to make you feel complete and that is freedom.

6. Action

Let me guess you cry a lot, you spend a lot of time feeling sorry for yourself.and wonder why life is so forsakenly hard. Have you done shadow work, spent time in nature, gotten creative manifested? No…this is the answer. You need to do things that show you are loving yourself. Only when you love yourself, can you really love your twin flame.

And remember that true love heals everything with faith.

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