What To Look For With The November Full Moon in Gemini

The Full moon on Monday, November 27, is called the beaver moon. Though it will not be as impactful as the lunar eclipse we had on October 28, but you will feel the influence, power, and vibration of the full moon three days before and after the full moon.

The moon is square Saturn in Pisces, opposite Mars and a a trine to Pluto & a sextile to Neptune. Saturn governs rules and limits, what that mean is that it will seem something is controlling your emotions. You will need to set limitations or you might not be happy. The moon rules our emotions and Mars in opposition means get ready for a battle. Again Pluto also is about intense emotions. Neptune, is the planet of illusion and fantasy, but all this may find you in a deeper spiritual experience.

Aries: Crucial information, may seem puzzling but do your research and you will see this will be powerful inspiration. Communication, will become a source of inspiration. What may seem a difficult situation may be a blessing in disguise. See the bigger picture. 

Taurus: Like Aquarius you dislike change more than anything else, but during this moon you need to embrace it. Finances, creature comforts, and your values may change, but what is coming are opportunities that will give you everything you need. This full moon wants you to embrace change.

Gemini: You will feel as both the hero and the villain as you evaluate your relationships. If they haven’t gone through a massive change they will. Set firmer boundaries and you will see the truth of how someone else feels about you. This moon brings to you a journey of finding your true identity.

Cancer: You are ruled by the moon, so your intuition will be heightened. Your thought process will want you buried in the future but not all will be clear. Get ready for a mental breakthrough and it’s time to look at your health habits. Let the Universe take the lead, as your higher self knows even if you don’t. 

Leo: You will sparkle and your creative abilities are on point. Do not seek others approval as you are doing things right. You are being asked to redirect your energy toward something that matters to you. Time to stop being so concerned on what others thinks and want. It’s time to take your power back.

Virgo: Time to be humble. Did you know by admitting you’re wrong, not only do you learn, but you gain power? Now is the time to listen to others as you will receive insight that will challenge your perspective for the better. . Your belief systems, are about to be changed for the better.. 

Libra: This will be a month of self-discovery. Someone peeked your curiosity and has lead you down a new path, that seems challenging, as they have been breaking your old habits that you felt were keeping you whole and seriously die hard. Yes, your life is complicated but have faith in the future.

Scorpio: Secrets and trust are forcing you to consider whether you’re doing things right. Financial, mergers, joint ventures, and emotional exchanges will evolve as well as investment will be set in motion. Your love life is involved in this and someone has been holding something back from you. Time to find out what.

Sagittarius: Communication is key. Don’t sweat the “minor” details and keep your mind open for other’s peoples perspectives. Time to become the student as relationships, commitments, and contracts, are highlighted and depends on your perception. Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions. 

Capricorn: Personal freedom, may have you feeling trapped. Time to focus on your health. Happiness and your relationship with that word may be holding you back and causing health issues. Information is coming to set you free. Look for these new insights and keep an open mind.

Aquarius: Inspiration comes from where, who and when you least expect it. Life is messy and you need to experience it without fear. Give yourself permission to have fun. Because of Neptune and Saturn your values and self-esteem have you more silent than usual. Wear your heart on your sleeve, be courageous as it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. 

Pisces: Success is driving you and you want to accomplish everything. Your family dynamics may be what’s holding you back from achieving, so time to change your perception of home and belonging. November’s full moon will bring you clarity, showing you exactly what to set your sights on next. 

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