What The Trine of The Sun, Mercury, and Saturn Means

On February 28th, the cosmic dance of the universe brings the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn, into an embrace. The sun lights the way, as Mercury and Saturn shower us with the gifts of awareness. Expect flashes of intelligence as well as a self-control you never felt before. Perfect time to go on a diet or get your health in order,

This powerful trinity is asking us to develop our personal development and enlightenment.

Mercury, is the planet of communication and intellect, in alignment with the Sun, clarity and insight will open your soul for the first time. Do you need to have a meaningful conversation? Time to have it. Time to seek truth and understanding in all aspects of your life. Mercury’s guidance encourages us to acknowledge our words and asks us to motivate, elevate, and transform others.

The Sun and Saturn infuses us with a maturity and responsibility, which gives us discipline. Hard work, and integrity help us reach our goals. We are to evaluate our progress and dedicate ourselves in the pursuit of enlightenment.

With this trine we are being given the opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. It is time to set intentions, gain clarity and find our vision of the future. We can make our dreams a reality. We harness the power of this celestial alignment by manifesting our thoughts, words, and actions to our highest aspirations.

Make a ritual of intention so you can connect with your inner wisdom, clarify your goals and aspirations. Affirm your commitment to your own personal growth and evolution.

Allow yourself to be guided by the light of the Sun and discover the bravery to speak your truth. Through Mercury look for the wisdom to discern your path and through Saturn the strength to walk it as you embark on this sacred journey of self-discovery and transformation.

The key to unlocking our limitless potential lies within, deeply buried within our souls. Maybe it is time we unearth and embrace this power.

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