What is a Portal and How Do You Use It?

Portals, are entrances into different dimension. It’s hard to believe that alternate universes exist at the same time, but they do. Time itself actually doesn’t exist which means going forward and backwards in time is simply manipulating energy. In using a portal you can take leaps forward in time or backward in time by simply manipulating your energy.

Many confuse portals as vortex’s. A vortex is a spiral or pull of energy, sometimes attached to locations or created by geomagnetic forces.  Vortex’s can be portals but portals are not vortex’s. An example of an area that is both a vortex and a portal, is the Bermuda Triangle.

A vortex has a lot of energy coming in and out of it. Basically, the vortexes are bringing in an intensive interdimensional energy. Vortexes are more permanent. They’re more built into the architecture of an area. It’s not uncommon to find portals appearing near, or be attached to vortexes. A great example is Sedona, Arizona.

Portals, while they do have a lot of power and energy, they can also be more of use for transportation. With a portal, you can actually travel through dimensions with it. It’s an opening in space and time and they’re not always permanent. Portals can come and go.

Portals open up like vents, for the earth’s energy. It’s a way of dispersing the energetic stresses so energy can flow in and out. Earth benefits from that kind of energy circulation to keep herself balanced and strong.

One of the problems with portals is other entities can come through, both positive and negative. Your mental state is so important when you open a portal. If you are feeling negative, that is what will come through, as negative energies are attracted to people who have a negative mindset.

To attract positive energies you need to raise your vibrations, for like attracts like.

A lot of times, if there is something horrific that happened in an area, most likely a portal has been opened.

As a child when you played with an ouija board, you were opening a portal. A ouija board is considered a divination tool and like any divination tool, there is a chance of attracting negative entities. The problem with the ouija board is that it is marketed as a toy, even though it is opening up portals and communicating with all types of spirits, most of a negative aspect. This is highly dangerous! Negative energies are very hard to get rid of because they literally suck the energy out of you. .

Tarot cards are mostly used by people who consider themselves to be spiritual and know how to protect their energy. However a reader can have an agenda so it is important you know your reader.

How Does A Portal Open Or Get Created?

There are many different kinds of portals. Here are some and the reasoning behind it.

The energy is so intense, that it is causeing a distortion in space-time. War, death, or disaster is a collective energy problem. Mu guess is this is what is happening in California right now. This causes a kind of distortion or tear in the space-time fabric. If there is a portal that opens up in in a place where a lot of death occurred, strange, supernatural phenomena will follow. Portals and vortexes tend to attract energy due to the strength, power, and energy distortion.

Many advanced human beings have learned how to navigate these portals and they use them as shortcuts to harness the energy and create portals.

A person with strong energy fields such as someone with strong psychic abilities can open a portal.There are people with electromagnetic kind of energy coming off of them. Sometimes when they walk by and electronics won’t work or go off.

Higher dimensional beings that are trying to help such as your guardian angels, can open up a portal around you to help you and save you. I have actually experienced this more than once.

There are areas of the earth that can cause there to be excessive stress on a certain area. These are where a lot of geographic anomalies occur. Over time, these anomalies stretch and pull in this dimension that we’re living in, in opposite directions and the consistent stress opens up.

In dealing with portals you have to set boundaries, because like most things of this earth intention is powerful. it’s all about intention. Reiki helps to close the portal. You can also close your eyes. Set the intention that you are closing the portal for the highest and greatest good of all involved. Imagine a white light coming from your hands, sealing off the portal. Afterwards, ground yourself by washing your hands with water.

Portals are to be used with caution, intent and always with positive energy.

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