What Does The Solar Eclipse And The New Moon In Libra Hold In Store For Each Sign

The solar eclipse on October 14, 2023, is also a new Moon in Libra. This means that the energy that comes with a new Moon is double when a solar eclipse is present.Being in Libra this solar eclipse is meant to motivate and inspire you to change the dynamics in your relationships that are not working. To take advantage of this you need to set intentions that prioritize yourself and recognize where you are giving too much of your energy or resources and not receiving the same in return. It’s also a time to decide what you need from others to feel supported, celebrated, and supported in your journey.

Here is how it will effect each sign:


Time for a new relationships or new ways on how you relate. If you are in a relationship look to move this to an another level such as moving in, getting engaged or taking that plunge and marrying. If you are in a relationship that is no longer serving you, now is the time to move on. If you are single you just might find that lifelong soulmate. This also pertains to business relationships.


For you dear bulls fresh new beginnings are here. Thinking of changing jobs, career paths or residences…now is the time. Also now is the time to get your health in order so why not try a new diet, exercise routine or walk just those few extra steps. You will be thanking yourself for this come the holidays.


Passion will be at an all time high for you. If you are looking to get pregnant now is the time. Your creativity level is also sky high. Time to channel and manifest what ever your heart desires.


Your favorite place is home so moving or redecorating will be first and foremost on your mind. Real Estate could make your some easy money at this time, however family may be asking for handouts and family means a great deal to you.


It’s time for communication and use your brain to get what you want. Has there been a contract needing to be signed? Have you been thinking about writing or speaking out about something? You are your best advertisement, so put it out there to the ethers. Feeling like taking a trip, no better time than the present.


Money is coming in, as well as maybe a new job. Time to play the lottery. As they say you’ve got to be in it to win it.


Libras, with the new moon and the solar eclipse in your chart you are beginning a whole new chapter on your journey. When opportunity knocks, answer! Leave the past where it belongs and stop wallowing in it. Move on be clear about what you want. If you dream it it will come, but you have to dream it, want it and then reach for it. It is there if you do.


You need to slow down and give to yourself. You have been burning the candle on both ends and it is taking its toll. It is not a sign of weakness to give to yourself, but a sign of strength to acknowledge that you need help. This eclipse is asking you to be kind to yourself..


A lot of signs are being told now is the time for a new beginning. Yours is unlocking the key to your heart’s hopes and dreams. Time to expand your network, go out and meet new people and get support. You will meet someone who is your platonic better half and the joy of seeing each other again will fill you with gratitude and joy.


For you, your career is highlighted. You will finally will be recognized and possibly be given all the perks that comes with that. Could that be an award, a promotion, a new job that gives you all that your desire? Only the stars know the answer, but soon so will you.


Another new lease on life comes with helping you step out of your comfort zone.There is so much that lies ahead for you. Travel is coming for you and will expand your already vast circle. Those with careers in media or publishing will find doors opening up for them.


You too Pisces will get a fresh start., Pisces. Thomas says this is especially true in what you decide to “share, give and receive.” He explains, “If you’re on steady ground, you’ll likely discuss deepening your rapport” and “feel magnetically drawn to one another.”

Elsewhere, Thomas says you could be affected by “hearing news of a large settlement, payout, scholarship or inheritance.” He continues, “Consider getting further involved in stocks and investments,” adding that you “could win big.”

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