What Are The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the essence of our soul lifetimes. It is a record of thoughts, words, both past, present and future. There is no judgment simply be a record of each soul’s journey.

The earliest mention of the records is in the Bible. The Akashic Records are The Book of Life (Exodus).It states that a record of every life is kept in heaven, and it is from these records souls are judged. A women named Helen Blavatsky wrote about the records and claimed she learned of the records from Tibetan monks and “akasha,” or “akasa,” is the Sanskrit word for astral light. It is said that this fifth element of time and space is the fundamental fabric. In the east the idea of karma is a major facet of the akashic records.

Metaphysician Rudolf Steiner also referenced the Akashic Records, as did physicist Ervin Laszlo from the perspective of science. He concluded that the records contains templates for harmony and the evolutionary processes of human beings. Edgar Cayce. stated that information on a non-physical plane of existence, maintains a record of every soul’s past, present, and future.

Many people who study yoga, shamanism, Buddhism, a Course in Miracles and other metaphysical studies can read the Akashic Records. No one is forbidden from the records, but many shy away from this practice due to anxiety of knowing.

If you search for Akashic Records in a Google you will see 40,500,000 results. There are many programs on Youtube giving solutions on “How to Access Your Own Akashic Records”.

When you seek to find the answer you just may meet you spitiual guides, angels, who will take you to this galactic library. You can find this through meditation, dreams or channeling looking for information about your past lives.

To access decide what you want to know. Make your intentions known and then ask. You may get this on the first try or it may take several attempts. It really depends on your intent. By using meditation or breathwork you will put your physical body into a relaxed, open state . The most important part is to stay open, receptive so as to allow the information to enter your awareness. It can be visual or you may hear the message, or see a loved one, guide, or angel. Make sure to ask their name and clarify your intent.

The Akashic Records offer us a vast amount of information, wisdom and insight on a soul level. It is an amazing resource that if you have the patience, the will and the need to know more will be revealed. Also remember sometimes the records will be unavailable if the life lessons you need to learn require it.

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