Understanding Old Souls

Have you always felt alone and isolated? Has this been since birth? This simply might be that you are an old soul Your Akashic life experience on life is vastly different and far more open than those around you. Because you are an old soul you are often misunderstood. You tend to be a loner, a free spirits who doesn’t conform to 3D. You don’t see the world like most people. You are a dreamer in tune with life. You are an a intuitive and your depth of understanding emotions frightens others. Not all can understand. Your connection with God / Spirit/ Universe, is how the world will change. People often feel inferior, when they live in fear instead of love.

To love an old soul is not easy, but definitely worth it. It will change your life in the best ways possible. They are romantic, intensely faithful, loyal, they are not materialistic, they understand the deep connections in life, and are grateful. They have Immense strength , courage and bravery. They walk painful roads and yet find the courage to smile. They remain selfless.

The downside to being an old soul is that there is a lot of karma to clear. Old Souls come into this life with an agenda to experience and complete their karma. They come to this life with far more experience , knowledge , wisdom and understanding, they are able to handle obstacles and challenges with a greater intellect and clarity. They prioritise truth and wisdom and are curious feeling deeply connected to everything.

An old souls inner world is far more important than their outer world, as their inner growth, journey, and relationship to themselves and spirit is what they prize above all else .These souls know and have conscious memories that they have worked on from other planets to help humanity ascend. They have been there, done that having cleared most of their karmic debt.

They are highly connected to music and vibrations. They have a light hearted sense of humor, for they understand the healing power of laughter.

They are always working in many ways, on many dimensions and they are not always consciously aware of this. Their lifetime is one of great work in many areas of life, such as teach and activate others.They have strongly evolved and developed intuition and can discern the truth naturally. This innate wisdom allows them to navigate life here on ascending earth with a stronger sense of clarity higher perspectives and deeper levels of understanding.

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