Twin Flames and The Kundalini Activation

When you meet your twin flame, often Kundalini awakenings become activated. They are often life changing, sometime volatile, definitely intense, incapacitating and throw your life into chaos on so many levels. These meetings are almost always unexpected. The reason behind this is the main purpose of such a connection is to awaken.

The reason a twin flame awakening is volatile and intense is because the transmission was often not expected or consciously sought. It pours into your being and feels like a meltdown. Life as you know it has changed and it is hard to recognize the you who is emerging. It triggers multiple dark nights of the soul. If you had no intention to go on this journey, then it can take some time to come to terms with the reality that you suddenly find yourself in.

Often our unmet needs for love interfere. These encounters, which are rare, create intense attachments, which is in conflict with the purpose of awakening and being more detached, fulfilled and free. Surprisingly to be connected in the truest sense of the word is to be free.

One of the main reasons that a twin flame connection is so strong is it is a spiritual connections and a powerful transmission of soul energy. These souls who have known each other since the beginning of time. It normally happens over a period of time due to the runner/ chaser mode. The first time these two souls make love the energy becomes forever intertwined. A lot of time this happens ethereally when they first meet and their souls connect on the 5D level. Ever been haunted by someone in your dreams day or night? Do you feel their emotions, their touch, their comfort even when you are not in contact? You have not gone crazy, this is all part of the journey.

When these two connect it is like a match-stick flame of consciousness. The transmission travels from one to the other like a powerful map. The purpose of this is to awaken. One of the most powerful ways to awaken is through Kundalini. So if your Kundalini has been dormant, expect to be ignited and completely surprised. Awakening your Kundalini is the task of the twin flames in this lifetime, so that true connection can begin..

Even if your twin has run, ignored you, dismissed you, you are now on the Kundalini path. There will be joys, insights, clarity, challenges, purification, rapid inner transformation, and a remembrance of personal and multiple lifetimes histories. Kundalini is not an easy journey, but meaningful and much needed for this planet to transcend. 

Ultimately a twin flame encounter is the biggest and most important gift from one person to another. Embrace the adventure, be it together or alone. It really is a path of awakening. Keep your eyes on the bigger purpose which is to act as living reminders of who we are, why we came here and what we have been assigned to experience and accomplish.

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