Yesterday we discussed the beginning of why twin flames get rejected and the unconditional love they feel for the other. With your twin the unconditional love is a constant, always building and growing. Your relationship with your twin is your relationship with yourself. They are you. You are them. I don’t care how much you love your soulmate, it is not your twin. You or they may have past life bullshit that didn’t get sorted last life and yes you do need to finish that, but tick tock, war is coming.

To be a twin is like being part of a sorority, we are all part of a collective web. That’s why trying to break this bond is catastrophic.The web is how love is spread. Again think of the tree in “Avitar”. That’s is you, that is us. Those telling you to get over it and move on do not quite understand the significance. They are not part of the collective and do not understand what is truly happening.

We are on the brink of war… and we need everyone to put out as much love as they can to their fellow man. The twins are the net. Our relationship to our twin allows us to see what coming, we are setting the tone for the healed world. If we can land it, we will show how to be in union without the need for karmic ties, to be fully in love and fully in freedom and how those things do not have to live in separate places. It will show how to make the impossible possible. You can choose to be a couple without the binding aspects.

As we want to be in this relationship with our twin, it is not guaranteed, though we do have to save the world. We can’t live in the narcissistic model we were born into. We have to know that we ourselves are enough to make a difference, but we are not all that matters. Hence the rejection. We get hurt, then grow a scar and re hurt, thicker scar until we are bulletproof and ready for war.

You want to know why your twin rejects you? It’s because you are enough on your own and they for the time being are not.

The ones that get to come together at the end of this are capable of empathy. They have seen the fight they know what you have sacrificed In that pain, they healed enough that they could be with you. Some of our twins have PTSD from narcissistic relationships. That requires all kinds of healing to get over.

We drive our twin mad to grow them, taking on their pain, and taking on our own and projecting our pain, transmuting that pain into unconditional love. We do this for each other. They are our teammate. we are in the same team and when they figure this out….. oh the wonders you two can accomplish. That’s one hell of a superpower.

If you can heal to the point where you are no longer triggered by them and you are pumping this love for all into the universe you will know the work is done and look at each other and really know you have been to hell and back.

If they don’t choose you at that point… then will it really matter? You didn’t have a choice getting into this, you don’t have a choice now. All you can successfully do is surrender.

This isn’t a fairytale. This is a horror show. We are here and that’s what we have been tasked with and for those who choose to stay we can end the world as we knew it and transform it into what it should have always been, a world full of peace and harmony..

You are fighting for the soul of the planet. You are bringing the light, and lifting it up the ascended. To join the ascended masters to bring an end to this narcissistic nightmare once and for all.

So this is about you and at the same time it’s not. This is about source in you and you are your twin. Your light is doubled because it has to be. We are fighting for those that believe in source and making a way for global ascension. Everyone who is not on this journey we don’t have time to fight with.

Know we are divine, all twins. We will light this world up and radiate that light.