Twin Flame Rejection: Part 1

I’m going to assume that you know what a twin flame is, if you don’t please read what I have already written, but my guess is the reason you are here is that you have met your twin and they have in fact rejected you. A twin flame connection is on a spiritual level, so when they push away the pain is unlike anything you have ever felt before. It challenges you to your core..

The reason twins are on this planet at present is to raise the collective consciousness. In doing so we create a baseline of heart energy and unconditional love. Did you see the movie “Avatar”? Remember the tree of souls? That is the twin flame connections at their best.

What is stopping the connections is the ego or the narcissist trait. If that is present in you or your twin then the connection on a spiritual level will be delayed until that is sorted out. Though this is more painful to the twin who has grown, it means separation. The twin who has grown needs to step into their power, become the badass they were always meant to be and get over themself. They have to heal, so they are not shooting blanks so to speak. If you can not do this another spiritual badass will take your spot, the angels are ready for walk ins for the twins that drop out. You will not be without love and you will be transformed, but for the time being you must face this challenge alone.

Why must you let go of/ reject your twin? Because it challenges you to look at separation and tower moments will be a constant if you do not. In doing so it challenges the illusion that you are not already unified. It tests where your healing is and shows you what you have left to finish. Have you developed a callus or is your heart still bleeding? Are you bigger than your trigger?

If you haven’t wanted to tell your twin flame to f**k off at least once, it’s not a twin journey. We all go through this as part of the ego death. It’s our egos that cause pain. When we can look at our twin as hurtful and are not shaken by it, we start laughing, because we don’t need them. We don’t need anyone, but source. And they can’t hurt you. That’s freedom.

Through healing yourself, you heal them. They then start to feel what they inflict on you and realize that it needs to stop. You are not a doormat. When you stand up for yourself and tell them off and stand up for yourself then your twin will start to come correct. It is one of the hardest things to do because every ounce of your being says that you can not hurt them, no matter what they do to you, In my case my personality completely changed and where I used sarcasm to fight off injustices, with my twin I could not.

In a twin flame connection the emotions are honestly too too big for one person. The love, the annoyance, the sadness, the pain all much bigger than normal. Though a twin can also be a soulmate, soulmates do not feel with the kind of intensity.Twins feel the pull of these kind of feelings because that is the level of intensity it take to heal this planet. The fact you feel so much unconditional love is the proof. Have you ever felt that outside of your twin?

I leave you with this to ponder and will be back tomorrow with more.