The Unknown or Untalked About Chakras

Most know of the seven Chakras or energy centers but, we actually have over 70,000 smaller energy centers.

While the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras are the most powerful, there are eight other notable chakras that are worth understanding. These include-

Earth Star Chakra 

The Earth Star Chakra is located 11 inches beneath your feet and helps connect you to Mother Earth. In balance you feel connected to this planet and connected on your Earthly journey. Out of balance, this Chakra can manifest feelings of wanting to return “home” and being out of touch with this planet. Grounding exercises and spending time in nature are a great way to help align and balance the Earth Star energy center.

Core Star Chakra

The Core Star Chakra is located above the Sacral or second Chakra, right near the diaphragm. The represents the “study” of the soul and the pursuit of esoteric knowledge. When in balance, we understand our role in the world and our soul purpose. When out of balance feelings to disconnect. To balance this Chakra, studying spiritual wisdom and metaphysics and meditation, as well as focusing on breathing.

Sacred Heart Chakra

The Sacred Heart Chakra is located just below the heart chakra and slightly to the left. This Chakra works with the energy of the heart center and helps to expand our consciousness and feelings of unconditional love. In balance, you to feel confident and secure with your direction in life. Your intuitive and hear messages from unseen worlds. Out of balance it can manifest as confusion, lack of empathy and inability to see both sides of the picture.

Thymus Chakra

The Thymus Chakra is also called the higher heart chakra located between the throat and the heart area. In balance, this Chakra helps you to access love of the Divine and of self. You see the gratitude and beauty in everyday things. Out of balance, you are narrow-mindedness or have an inability to accept differing points of view. The Thymus Chakra helps you to connect your heart energies and your words communicate more empathically and compassionately.

Cerebellum Chakra

The Cerebellum Chakra located at the back of the neck just where your neck and head meet is known as the “well of dreams”. When in balance this energy center is strong, manifesting your dreams and prophetic dreaming help you see things without judging. Out of balance, clouded judgement, negativity stop your inability to be intuitive.

Pineal Chakra

The Pineal chakra is directly behind your eyes in the center of your brain. In balance you can access hidden realms, communicate with Spirits and are in touch with your inner self. It is often activated on a lightworkers journey. Out of balance it is the inability to think for oneself, constant feelings of fear about the state of the world and are closed off to intuitive messages.

Soul Star Chakra

The Soul Star Chakra is located just above the crown chakra and has the energy of past knowledge and karmic memory. Astral travel can also occur when this Chakra is activated. Out of balance it is difficult to manifest and connected to the Universe.

God’s Head Chakra 

The God’s Head Chakra is the 12th Chakra and is located roughly 12 inches above the Crown Chakra. Think halo when activate to the higher consciousness. God’s energy flows from within. Out of balance you feel powerless or out of sync.

With this knowledge you have power and control over your feelings and your life path.

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