The Transformation Is Happening

Earth is approaching a transformation known as the Transitional Split. Those who have awakened are on the verge of experiencing profound revelations. Trust your intuition as events may be guiding you to a path aligning with your true desires. Share your authentic self and move towards genuine connections. Embrace your vulnerabilities and allowing others to do the same, so that we are nurturing deeper relationships.

Rediscovering the innocence of childhood and free yourself from your past fears by creating joyful new memories. Tap into the innocence of being a child and create your new reality. It is never too late to create something new and begin again. Keep your mindset curious and open to release past embedded fears and soul trauma. Allowing yourself to experience the present moment.

Your higher heart is ready and craves new alignments and connections, so you can metamorphous to the higher dimensional light plane. Love is the key to ascension and the opening of portal activations.

Karmic ties and contracts are out dated, so move past this prison mindset.

If you are tired, it is because we are currently navigating through a significant reset. The inertia you feel is only temporary.

We are being called to rely on our senses, intuition, desires, purpose and inner wisdom. Patience and self-compassion will be needed as we navigate this new phase. Your energy is valuable currency for this new earth .

As the cycle nears completion, a Multidimensional Energetic ‘Split’ is occurring, and those awakened are playing a vital role in the Earth’s transformative. 2024 is a pivotal year. A point of no return.

Key dates are when the numerology leads to 12-3 and 21-3 (33, which means the next important date is March 21st.

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