The Solstice And Ascending

This week those who have endured the pain of letting go of past situations, connections and relationships are at the final stage of freedom. We are ascending and the higher vibrations of unconditional love are flowing. Amplified rays of platinum, silver, diamond and indigo are here. Expect powerful activations so remember to hydrate.

The full Moon and Solstice activate Gaia’s DNA strand . Earths electromagnetic fields are filling with etheric energy, so again remember lying on the earth or walking barefoot, helps us receive potent healing and energy activations.

Expect extreme tiredness, headaches, muscle soreness, or physical unease. Drinking more alkaline water, will help you adjust to these powerful energies.

Layers of ego will be replaced with a profound sense of human compassion, higher understanding, humility and loyalty to a higher purpose.

You will feel stronger every day. By choosing to see through the lens of this love, the ascending will complete the human healing journey and shift ascension vibrations into higher planetary dimensions.

Past karmic cycles with full closure and completion will help the ascending become healed versions of the self.

By surrendering to what is not in your control to source, keeps the journey on a smooth sail. This energy is inclusive and responds to one’s conscious alignment without discrimination. It reflects the internal beliefs and values of individual.

It is a great honor to be a conscious part of this collective change taking place. Feel gratitude for every being who has begun their healing ascension journey, as they show the world tremendous bravery for their soul service.

Removing emotional attachments is a game changer on the ascension path .

Heightened emotions, metaphysical upgrades, discarding what no longer serves and embracing new paths forward provides guidance and clarity, inviting us to receive answers, shifts in perspectives, and spiritual progress.

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