The Runner Vs Chaser Twin Flame Dynamics

Why does the runner run? It is because the runner is scared of what they feel for the chaser. The runner feels that the chaser is his weakness. They feel that the chaser has the potential to wreak their life, that their life will crumble if they are with the chaser. They have maintained their life alone and they want to hold it as dearly as possible. They fear loss. And they fear the chaser will abandon them one day and they will end up being alone. They fear loneliness.

Runner’s feel as if the chaser is a free – spirited, unconventional being who does not think twice before saying or doing anything. Though they admire those qualities, it also scares them. As being with them could break their carefully and delicately built world. So they choose to stay away from the chaser or play now you see me now you don’t games.

Remember when you first fell in love and how scary love was? The last thing we could do was express our true feelings. This is kinda of how Twin Flames are.

The runner and the chaser are mesmerized by each other. Each knows they have “met their match.” But it’s scary. It’s anxiety producing, it makes your stomach a mess. It’s not something that you experience every day. It feels as if you are starting all over again. The runner acts as if they are not interested in you. It feels as if they want nothing to do with you and that is utterly painful. But they’re scared to death! They are running out of fear and anxiety. They are familiar with partners who have let them down time after time. They are not familar with someone like you.

Being cast as the chaser makes you the self-aware twin. You are able to see what’s really going on and you have awakened. You see the bigger picture of what twin flame are. Your twin may not have reached this level of awareness due to fear and other barriers. They become caught up in the physical world and normally there are real hurdles they must jump, which seem threatening to them. What they need to realize is once those barriers are breached, the rewards are unfathomable.

When you meet your Twin Flame, there are no breaks from feeling this connection. Life does not go back to normal whether you are running or chasing, together or apart. The Twin Flame experience is the most shocking process you will ever go through as it changes you completely. Every aspect of it is surprising for this unconditional love within is a soul-cleansing process of emotional pain, as well as joy. It is not easy especially when you have to let go, because it is the right thing to do and you go into separation.

You can’t do anything for them except wait. You can’t force them to wake up. You can’t force them to want you and return. They will reappear when it’s time. When they are ready.

You can’t control other people, especially your twin flame. All you can do is focus on yourself. It’s all about shifting focus from them to you and healing your own wounds.

There is a saying “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it’s yours. If not, it was never meant to be.” There is an alternate ending that goes;  If it doesn’t–hunt it down and kill it.” When you allow yourself to wallow in the pain of this connection in separation, you definitely want to hunt….but the unconditional love that overwhelms your being only truly wants what is best for them and so you give them time, and hope and pray.

This is a journey from the head to the heart, from the Matrix to the Spiritual, from the 3D to the 5D. once you are in this spiritual you can never turn back.

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