The Mayor of Times Square Interviews Neale Donald Walsch is the author of Conversations with God

Imagine having the bestselling book about God and being synonymous with the very word itself. Buckle on up as you are about to read a partial interview from The Motivation Show podcast with this famous author who burst onto the scene in the 1990s and is back with yet another bestseller.

Neale Donald Walsch is the author of Conversations with God, published in 1995, which became a global publishing phenomenon, staying on the New York Times bestseller list for 137 weeks. Many books later, he is now the author of God TalkExperiences of Humanities Connections with a Higher Power. 

Walsch – How may I serve the moment?

Eli Marcus: 24 years ago you did serve the moment and you actually worked with my company, The Seminar Center, and you talked about your incredible book Conversations with God at the height of that book being on the bestseller list. So today we’re going to talk about this new book, and I think the first question that begs is, what’s the difference between this book and Conversations with God and all the other books in between?

Walsch: Well, I think this is the first book that I was actually asked to write. Most authors get an idea for a book and then they look for a publisher. And if they’re lucky, they find one. But it’s very rare, extremely rare in my experience, for a publisher to call an author and say, would you write a book on the following topic? But that’s what happened here. A publisher…my phone rang about a year ago and a publisher said, would you be willing to write a book telling people how they might be able to have their own experience of conversations with God, how you approached it in your life and how they could approach it in their life? And I said, you know what? That sounds like a very interesting book. Let me take a crack at it. So I did, and I sent it to them and they felt that it had some value, so they put the book out. So that’s what makes it different is that it’s not a book of my own thoughts around conversation with God, nor is it a book of dialogue with God. It’s a book that tells people how they could have their own experience of connection with the divine. And it also contains, by the way, interestingly enough, stories, six or seven stories from other people. I didn’t select those. The publisher actually put a call out on the internet inviting people. If you’ve ever felt that God was intervening in your life in a direct way, what you call divine intervention, send us your story. And people sent in by the hundreds, by the way, and they had editors looking at those stories for a couple of weeks and they picked out the seven most interesting ones and included those in the book. I think they were put in the book to show people that it’s not just this guy Neale Donald Walsch, but really all of us having conversations with God all the time. And here are some stories from other people who’ve had the exact same kind of encounter. So, I think that makes the book fascinating and allows people to move forward if they have their own desire to have a direct connection with the divine.

Eli Marcus:  Some people look at God as having a leap of faith, and often it does take a very strong faith to believe in God. And then there are those atheists who no matter how much proof you bring to them, are still going to deny the existence of God. Why do you feel 100% sure there’s a God?

Walsch:  Because I’ve experienced God in my life. I’ve had a direct experience of communication from and with the divine. And when I have followed those messages, that is, I was almost going to be tempted to say, follow those instructions, but they’re not really instructions because God doesn’t instruct us, but she does invite us and make suggestions. And every time I have followed those suggestions that I was given in my conversations with God, things have worked out beautifully and wonderfully for me. So proof’s in the pudding. That’s why I have become very, very clear that there is an experience in the universe called God. Now here’s what’s interesting, Eli. The sociologists have taken surveys around the world asking people a single question. It’s a one question survey, and they’ve taken it in countries across the globe. The question they’ve asked people on the street is, do you believe in a higher power?   8.5 out of every 10 people statistically have said yes. So there’s massive agreement among human beings that there’s more going on here than meets the eye. There’s some kind of higher power, but there’s disagreement on what that higher power is or how it works or what it wants. If anything, what it does, if it doesn’t get what it wants, and is there any way that we can use that higher power in our own life? That’s why there are 4,223 religions on the face of the earth right now because we can’t come to an agreement about God. But most people agree that there is something more going on here that meets the eye.

Eli Marcus: One of the fascinating things in reading the book God Talk, is you talk about the fact that there are things that happened to you throughout your life that really are miraculous if you’re really looking back at it as a 2020 armchair quarterback. But at the time, you didn’t credit it necessarily to God’s intervention. You may have just thought it was, oh, just a coincidence. But maybe those aren’t such coincidences after all, maybe God did intervene when that truck was about to hit you and something just came and interrupted that pattern where you missed that truck… that I would say is a miracle and maybe that is a higher power. So talk about that a little bit.

Walsch: I want to make it clear that my understanding is that God does not have a preference, in the matter of how our lives move forward. God does not want us to get the job or find the perfect partner or move to the right city or for that matter, miss being hit by the truck. God does not have, this is hard for people to believe, but I was told in my conversations, I don’t have a preference in the matter. What I do desire as opposed to prefer, what I desire, God said to me, is for you to have the ability to have your own preferences matched. That is for you to step into the creations that you wish to produce in your life. So if you don’t want to produce an untimely death by being hit by a truck, moving through an intersection, then my desire is to give you the ability to avoid such an outcome by expanding the horizons of your perception. So that’s what happened there. It wasn’t in that particular instance, it wasn’t that God said, oop, we don’t want Neale to die right now. Let’s send him a message. But it was that God wants me to have, and all human beings, to have expanded perceptions such that we can avoid outcomes that we did not desire.

Marcus:  And how has God, in what form, has he actually talked to you and does he talk to everybody in the same form?

Walsch: No, the answer is of course, no.  She doesn’t talk to me in only one way. God speaks to all of us really in a hundred different ways, across a million moments in our lives. It’s not just in writing or words that we hear in our mind. Often it’s a vision. Often it can be something as simple as a fragrance. I’m walking through a department store and I smelled gardenia, and I don’t know why, because I was not in the perfume section and I’m thinking, why am I smelling gardenia? But I didn’t question it. I thought I got to pay attention to this because Eli, Gardenia was my mother’s favorite, her signature fragrance. So that was her favorite perfume. So I got home and I picked up the phone and I said, I got to call my mom because there’s some reason why I’m smelling gardenia here in the department store. Sure enough, it was a very, very important phone call that I made to her. It turned out to be personally very, very important to me. So, God communicates with us. That is the expanded awareness that we are gifted with by God, allows us to receive information in a hundred different ways, across a million lifetimes.  Fragrances, visions, ideas, feelings that come over us for no apparent reason or the chance utterance of a friend that we just happened to by coincidence, run into on the street or an overheard conversation in a coffee shop or the lyrics of the next song you hear on the radio or the words on a billboard as you’re driving around the corner and the freeway. And then you see seven words on the billboard that directly answer what you’ve been looking at for the past six weeks. So there’s no one way that God communicates with me, nor is there any one way that God communicates with everyone. Be aware that God is communicating with us all the time. That is the universe is showing us what we need to know. By the way, one of those ways is this program that people are listening to right now. Consider the possibility that people are getting that communication right now in this instant.

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