The Last Day of the Year 12/31/23

The meaning of the number 123 means new beginnings and an energizing call to action. The last day of the year has a unique configuration of 12/31/23 or 123123. This sequence makes them angel numbers. Angel numbers are recurring or repeating digits such as 111 or 1234. You normally see angel numbers on clocks, street signs, texts when you’re most in need of a messages from the divine.When they occur in a date, their spiritual message is for the collective.

In numerology, each single number has a specific meaning #1is the number of beginnings, #2 is connected to our emotions and #3 is learning and growth, When you put that together it means new beginnings with emotional growth.

1,2,3 also is for transforming negative patterns to create a more abundant life. It is energy to help you breakthrough.

If you add up 1+2+3 you get 6 which means nurturing, balance, and love.To repeat that pattern again means the energy is amplified.

Recently the significant dates have been portal openings.12 symbolizes what you truly desire, and 23 is focused sustained energy. 31 is accidents, and things that don’t go according to plans.

As we end 2023 which is a 7 the number of truth and intuition, or the journey of fear and faith, we enter 2024 a #8 which means life force and is asking us to have faith in the universe.This is the year for start planning for that new beginning.

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