The Human Experience and 2024

2024 is going to be a year like no other. The human experiment needs to brace for changes, challenges, and chaos coming out of the blue. 

We exist in a physical construct in the realm of emotions – so tread lightly with the people you invite into your life and expect human behavior to suddenly change out of the blue without explanation as well. 

Science and technology hold the keys and Artificial intelligence is now guiding our journey in whatever time remains.

The final ‘play’ is set in place. Your emotions are probably telling you it makes no sense based on prior programming. Keep an open mind. Go with the flow. ‘Remember’ that the end comes out of the blue.

I’m not the only one who sees 2024 as a step into the abyss.  Nostradamus predicted the following:

2024 will see a new pope.

2024 will witness earth becoming more dry and floods will occur.

Conflict with China.

King Charles is out and someone new is in and it is not Prince William.

Baba Vanga predicted

Vladimir Putin will be targeted by an assassin.

Biological weapons and increased terrorist attacks will increase in Europe.

A massive economic crisis.

Terrifying weather events due to climate change.

Cyber attacks will create a danger to security.

Something positive….new treatments for illnesses

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