The Gateway of Power

On February 11, 2024, a numerical sequence known as the Gateway of Power occurs and represents a pivotal moment when divine energies will align, offering support and higher connection.

An 11 portal serves as a clearing, establishing alignment within your energy system. You are being offered a chance to experience higher frequencies. We are definitely undergo a transformation, shifting into a new timeline and vibrational path, which will set us on a path to ascension. The gifts of nature, peace reside within our hearts as the planetary shifts occur.

Throughout this year, energy portals will continue to reveal themselves and activate profound connections.The numerology here is 11 and 2-2024 =10= 111. These next 24 – 48 hours are highly charged energies. Take sacred time to set clear and strong intentions. We are being sent light from other realms. There are others who support your ascension and the evolution of humanity.

You have already reinvented yourself through countless deaths, becoming your own healer, wise counsel, and deliberate creator. This sacred work shapes the world. Take responsibility for co-creating.

This is considered the year of soul alignment and these gateways serve as openings into new realms of empowerment. It is a frequency of unity consciousness and an opportunity to shape a world based on Love . These frequency are more accessible than ever before.

It is time to focus on your most authentic and divine self. Return to a unified heart and mind, rather than the old patterns of separation. Self-evolution is part of the ascension journey. Start to create new healthier habits and don’t be surprised at the new vibrationally aligned people who easily come onto your path and those who separate. Anything that does not align with these new frequencies will fade away, so do not be surprised if your circle expands or changes drastically. Old frequencies and energy systems cannot coexist together.Trust the organic unfolding. Merge with the universal continuum of love, light, and truth.

As you vibrate higher you will begin to uplift through higher intentions, inviting the guiding wisdom of the soul and the Masters to lead and guide you. Through this you will experience greater trust and faith in yourself.

You are never truly alone. The vibration alignment of 11-2, opens the way to oneness. It offers unity within and connects you with the divine and all that is.

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