The Full Moon in Sagittarius

On May 23rd the Full Moon in Sagittarius will bring a profound moment for introspection and personal development. Known for its association with Jupiter, Sagittarius embodies qualities of knowledge , adventure and a relentless pursuit of truth. Now is the time to take a moment for deep reflection and contemplation.We are being asked to re-examine our beliefs and ideologies and illuminate our hidden truths for the good of ourselves and humanity.

For those ascending, time to set your goals. There is an optimism associated with Sagittarius and this Full Moon will bring those feelings to light to help us transformation within and expand. Seek wisdom, as new ideas illuminate your horizons.

The Sun will move through Gemini at this time adding curiosity, adaptability, and communication. Now is the time to have those meaningful conversations and to exchange ideas with others. Learning and growth are key, so if stepping outside your comfort zone.

Expect personal transformation, as there is a powerful urge to evolve. Align with your higher aspirations. Visualize your desire and set clearer intentions. Believe in your capacity and abilities to evolve and adapt, honouring the journey of learning and evolution . Accept that challenges are always further opportunities for learning and recognising that setbacks are valuable lessons that propel us forward on an Ascending path .

This full moon in Sagittarius will promote things of self, such as reflection, analysis , sparks of divine, intellect, mindfulness, setting goals, self-care and seeking support from those that encourage and inspire .

Expect manifestations to occur and a shift towards light-hearted, positive energy. Sagittarius, embodies profound truth. This moon phase may reveal hidden aspects that were previously hidden.

Let go of your illumination of illusions and the things you have concealed. A new earth energy of high-frequency vibrations is on its way.

The time to revealing truths even to yourself and shedding light onto all the hidden aspects of life will reap rewards a plenty. It will move you towards a more authentic and aligned path, clearing the way for positive transformations. Remain open to the messages and opportunities presented during this lunar phase.

As you continue to embark on your conscious journey towards improvement, remembering that progress is not always linear. Being patient with self and celebrating even the smallest of victories. Remain committed in creating necessary and positive changes and believing in the full potential of your being .

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