The February 2nd Portal What That Means In Numerology: Part Two

Yesterday we discussed the 2222 or the 4 2’s. Today is the combination of the numbers and the 4.

2/2/2024 =12 or 3

Let’s start with the 4. The symbolic meaning of number 4 deals with stability and invokes the grounded nature of all things. Consider the four seasons, four directions, four elements, the 4th dimension, which is time and illusion. Four represent solidity, calmness, home and the need to get back to your roots. It is time to center yourself and persist and endure. This could also be an indication to work on your shadow self. It also represents the four directions of the heart as well. 4 also shows up to remind us we are safe. This number is set with intention, and all those intentions are designed to lead us deeper into the spiritual realm. 4 is centered around solid foundations, practicality, organization, and welcoming more positive actions into our daily lives.

The over all number of the portal is 3. The number 3 has always held powerful symbolism. Think about good things coming in 3s, the birth-life-death cycle, the mind-body-soul connection, father, son and Holy Ghost. The number of harmony, wisdom and understanding. It was also the number of time – past, present, future; birth, life, death; beginning, middle, end – it was the number of the divine.

When the number 3 shows up in your life, it’s an omen of creativity, communication, optimism, and curiosity!

This number reveals what you value, seek, and how you go about it.

Time to manifest!

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