The Eclipse Gateway

Have you noticed that your body is drastically changing? You will notice this more and more as we go through an extreme releasing towards ascension and this eclipse season. This is happening, so that more light can enter our cells. Our life force is readjusting. There will be unpleasant symptoms, but these too will pass as our vibration continues to rise as we correct ourselves.

The key is to release energy blockages and the distortions you have been carrying around. These internal adjustments will attune you and clear away the inner pollution we have been carrying. All those programs were never really ours to carry.

The more you process and work on your shadow side, the more you will discover that this world is an illusion that we willingly or unwillingly participated in. As we transition, it will become more and more effortless.

Think of your body like a computer. We are learning how to plug in to many more circuits than were previously not available to us. We can only handle a certain amount of energy at a time running through us otherwise we would blow our circuits. This is what happens at times when we get sick. Our job is to be open to allow the increased data that is coming in. Lnes of extra-sensory communication that were not previously available are coming in. For this to be done successfully our spiritual, emotional, physical and mental bodies must be purified

For millenniums we have been dormant. Old karmic imprints are being burnt away by the sacred fires of alchemy, as higher lights are cleared way to enter because of these purifying fires. It’s been a whirlwind of change as these new energies fuse.

We will keep feeling the many subtle changes going on around us and within our bodies as this will continue to happen until our energy has time to adjust to the new frequencies. They are also helping us to clear the old blockages, but also to integrate the new signature patterns.

Many are feeling the battle wounds of this and are feeling incredibly tired and spent. As the frequency rises it may be hard to see the benefits and easy to lose sight that progress is being made for all. We are all going through a cleanse of eliminating toxins and emotional layers that have slowly been built up over many lifetimes.

Solar flares will continue to be released amplifying and helping us in upgrading our DNA, shifting our vibrational frequency. Heightened sensitivities, electrical surges and buzzing through the body, heightened sensitivities to sound and energy. Muscle cramps and heat flashes that are connected to the releasing of kundalini energy are moving through the body. Sleep disturbances and a need for more stillness and quietness. Dizziness, unexplained flu-like symptoms, feeling lethargic and headachy, and brain fog for no apparent reason. Feelings of exhaustion and burnout and the Thymus fluttering, heart palpitations as the heart charkra awakens like a sleeping giant stirring, are all indications of the change.

Do not be afraid, for in the end the this will be like the passing of the night.

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