The Divide Between The Awakened and The Un-awakened

The world is splitting into many realities and moving into multidimensional shifts. Soon the divide between the awakened and the un-awakened will be apparent. There is no turning back for those who are awakened. There is no saving those who refused to do the work. We have reached the point of no return. You can still decide to go back to sleep and return back only when you are at peace in your heart. The unawakened will continue life as if nothing has happened.

How you see and view the world has changed drastically. You have gone down the rabbit hole and realize that there are veils upon veils upon veils.

Being spiritual does not mean you are awakened. This spilt is literally a split in consciousness while living on the same physical space. Realistically this is not something wet can heal in this lifetime. 

Here are some tips to make life a much easier transition:

  • Be prepared to be unseen, unheard as this may disturb your sense of worthiness, and self-esteem. Look for your tribe. They will find you and are also seeking you. They will see and hear you.
  • Learn to navigate through the two realities, as this will be part of your survival skills. You will feel a sense of separateness, though at the soul level, we will always be One. 
  • You will be judged for your views, as others will feel uncomfortable so they will label you as extremists.
  • You will be condemned for not knowing enough, because they are being feed mass information and can not fathom that they are being lied to. Do not try to defend your position. Truth does not need any defense.
  • You will experience heightened compassion, for you will want to save the world, especially those you love.
  • Mourn the loss of relationships, friendships, and ties when your realities do not meet. Honor what was, and honor your own journey forward.

22.02.2022 is significant. If you’re sensitive and awakened, you will sense this more than ever. It is the numbers of transmutation.

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