The Blocking Of Our Abundance

Did you know that the universe is an infinite source of abundance. All we have to do is ask and receive. Simplistic right? The universe is a source of wealth, happiness, joy, and fulfilment that we just have to turn on. Sadly, because of 3D programming, power, status, fame, and material concepts have us living in “survival mode”.

As we try to manifest our dreams, we find we are getting zero results due to a collective-level, of generational deep blockages getting in the way of our manifestations. It’s not that we don’t have the ability to harness these energies on this 3D plane, it’s just that we have been held back. Earth is ripe with natural sources for there to be enough for everyone.

We need to deprogram, heal from, and be more aware of what’s blocking our joy and abundance.

Part 1 Releasing Control:

Because of our trauma as a collective, our DNA is scarred with fear of the unknown and needing to control every situation and outcome in our lives. We are in a slave and scarcity mindset. If you want to move into abundance, you need to stop obsessing about abundance. Obsessing and fighting to accumulate makes things move further away. Instead of trying to accumulate more, learn more, and be more. By rewiring our belief system we become the master creators of our own reality, and then the world becomes an infinite source of abundance and our abundance starts to flow.

Part 2 Learning To Love Wealth:

Welcome luxury and wealth without attachment, with no fear, or judgment, but keep a distance between the feelings of obsession, lust, or hunger. We have duality with abundance, on one hand, we glorify, praise and worship material wealth; on the other hand, we dislike and berate those who lack it and those who have it. With this kind of programming no one wins. It’s okay to be wealthy and spiritual at the same time. Remember with abundance you can receive and create.

Part 3: Co-Creating

By living in a unified consciousness, and doing everything for the common good and not for personal gain, you can manifest things that seem unattainable. By co-creation, and wanting the best for everyone we open our channels to abundance. You are sending a message out into the universe that there is more out there for you.

By knowing your thought patterns you able to reflect on how you think and you have already changed your perspective on wealth and abundance.

When you’re aware of the programms that are blocking you, you can let go what does not serve your highest good. The universe is infinite and so are you.

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