The 12/12 Portal

12/12 portal will remove superficial layers to reveal your true essence. If you have been feeling any disharmony or uncertainty recently, know that you are not alone . 

The Universe is guiding you towards inner liberation, transcending 3D labels and limitations. Cognitive Dissonance is fading , leading to higher transformative changes in life. Surrender and trust the unfolding plan. Expect clarity and alignment, as the fog clears and a deeper understanding of your path emerges. This process will activate Ascension growth, transformation, and promote inner peace.

Expect fluctuating emotions and physical symptoms resembling a rollercoaster ride. These intense emotional experiences are attributed to the impact of solar storms, which often affect ascending individuals with various ascension symptoms. 

During this time, you may feel oversensitive, highly emotional, , anxious, physical pain. you might be experiencing internal surges of High frequency energy. Amidst this, your mind may not process information in its usual way as your focus shifts towards anchoring more light in your surroundings. 

It is highly beneficial to prioritise certain practices during this stage , such as hydration grounding yourself to the new earth, meditation and engaging in movement to enhance the flow of energy. Resting and prioritising activities that bring you joy. Elevating your vibration can be achieved through practices of gratitude, acknowledging and appreciating the blessings in your life, this will assist in accepting the current realities unfolding for you.

These intense planetary experiences are often associated with ascension symptoms. Some of these symptoms include confusion, bodily detoxification, reevaluation of beliefs, healing within familial relationships, a strong inclination towards nature, intolerance for low-frequency foods, vivid dreams and nightmares, continuous high-pitched frequencies in the ears, a sense that something significant is about to happen, heightened awareness of the deception prevalent in mainstream narratives, a strong desire to detach from drama and dysfunction, waves of chills passing through the body, disrupted sleep and eating patterns, pain in the legs, knees, and nerves, memory issues, ear sensitivity, bodily pressure, sinus congestion, ear ringing, menstrual changes, jaw pain, itchiness, skin irritations, and bowel and bloating issues.

This phase of heightened experiences indicates a full-body clearing process. You may find yourself disinterested in consuming certain foods. Alternatively, ascension symptoms can manifest as phases of bliss, euphoria, overwhelming feelings of unconditional love, joint and hand pain, pressure in the head, new understandings, fatigue, blurry vision, feelings of floating between two worlds, heart fluctuations and nausea.

Currently, the alignment and fine-tuning of the Earth’s energetic field and grids are actively underway, contributing to the ongoing process of ascension. Your higher self and ascension team work closely with you during the night as you sleep, preparing your physical body to receive the most significant influx , flooding of light it has experienced so far. 

Waking at unusual hours during the night, as you will be jolted from sleep to receive specific upgrades. The energy surging through you during this time will be extremely intense.

This intensified energy signifies that the Earth and its population are being enveloped in increasingly higher levels of light and quality. Consequently, the human physical body will feel these effects. 

As your human body ascends it continuously undergoes a process of clearing, detoxing, and upleveling on multiple levels, including muscular, skeletal, cellular, and genetic. 

This purging process aims to release any remnants of old earth energy timelines, internal shadows, and traumas that are stored within your cellular structures. 

We have entered an accelerated planetary awakening portal, where those who are willing to ascend, both consciously and subconsciously, are propelled at quantum speeds into a purging and clearing process. This process is necessary for our evolution into the next harmonic universe.

During this phase of collective ascension, significant changes are occurring at the physical level, requiring a quick consumption of resources. It is wise to seek nourishing foods, prioritising ample sleep, and intentionally creating quiet time for the mind. These practices will greatly support the ongoing Ascension process.

As you move through this energetic shift, you may also experience hot flashes, sudden changes in body temperature, prominently visible veins, temporary paleness, feelings of heaviness, and occasional hunger pangs. listening to your Physical body’s signals and providing it with what it needs, whether it is more food or less. 

Paying closer attention to your physical and its communication as the cellular purification process takes place . Embracing the blessings that this transformation brings and welcoming it with an open heart. Greater things are now on the horizon.

Recognising and understanding that everything occurring is ultimately for the highest and greater good. Ascension progress is taking place , allowing your light to shine brightly as you Undergo profound transformation. significant shifts occur when your desire to move forward exceeds any unhealthy attachments to the past.

The Universe encourages you to embrace life and all its experiences without harsh judgment towards yourself . Avoiding dwelling in the past. Sometimes, the most challenging experiences serve as our greatest lessons. 

Trust that these experiences will always serve their highest purpose in your evolution and personal growth. everything is unfolding as it should for your highest good , 

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