The 10-10 Portal Opening Is Bringing Soulmates Together

I forgot until late last night that the 10-10 opening was happening. On October 10th, the portal was to align soulmates and twin flames that had agreed and signed contracts before reincarnation to find each other in this lifetime.This particular portal is open until the end of the year to give these souls more time to connect. In doing so it opens a floodgate of energy to break free from the unconscious boundaries of the 3D matrix and move towards union.

This time is more than just connecting to your soulmate or in most cases your twin flame. This is about accessing the energy of the universe by connecting with your true love. When you do this you raise your vibrations giving you a key to the portal opening. Here you can reach your dreams, desires, goals, and raise the vibrations to help heal the world.

In this energy you need to take inventory o your life. Keep those you cherish and say good-bye to those who no longer connect to your frequency. It’s a time to clean house, and realign your thoughts to where you are going and what is needed to get there. This portal is a time to look back, take notice, be truthful, take off the mask and be who you truly are. Step into your power and realize you have the ability to change the world for the better.

In connecting we find is easier to release attributes about ourselves that we no longer resonate with. Do you need to kick addictions, start a project, launch a new business, get out of a marriage that no longer serves either one of you, reveal truths so you can be set free?  This is the energy window for that change on the highest magnitude.

This is also time to review your health and set yourself on a healthier path.

10-10 portal is in the sign of Libra ao an equal give and take is needed for complete balance. It is time to ride this wave of energy into a magnetic change.

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