Self Healing and Shadow Work

Starting on healing you shadow self is a journey. Essentially, shadow work means getting in touch with your unconscious mind to uncover parts of yourself that you may be hiding or repressing. This can include trauma, complicated childhood memories, or anything else you need to work through.

We all share a collective unconscious that includes light and the shadow. The conscious part of our minds that represented the light. But the unconscious part the parts we hid not only from the world but ourselves is the shadow. Know that the dark or shadowed parts of ourselves can have a positive effect when brought into the light. We can transform our realities, our happiness and our connection to others by facing these parts we keep hidden.

One of the best ways to do this is journaling.

Here are some prompts, to help you on your journey:

1. What are the challenge I faced as a child? How does it affect me today?

2. Name a complicated childhood memory

3. Name a time when you felt betrayed

4. Name a time when you felt rejected

5. What are the repressed feelings you have? How do they effect you?

6. What do you believe are some of your best traits?

7. What do you believe are some of your worst traits?

8. How do you define freedom? What makes you feel trapped?

9. Do you feel you need to create or enforce your boundaries?

10. Who are you at your core? What do you value?

11. What’s a trait in others that you wish you had?

12. What behaviors in others upset you?

13. Write out a self-acceptance affirmation

14. What’s one thing you’re afraid of doing, and why?

15. What do I judge others for? Where did that judgment come from?

16. What memories bring me the most shame?

17. How do you handle stress?

18. What makes you jealous, and why?

19. What triggers you, and why? 

20. Describe a time you self-sabotaged and Wwhy do you think you did it? 

21. What is your biggest regret, and why?

22. How do you respect yourself?

23. How do you show yourself love?

24. Do you ever lie to yourself so you won’t have to address your fears?

25. What emotions do you avoid?

26. Do you forgive yourself when you’ve done something wrong?

27. Are you happy being alone?

28. What do I need to forgive myself for?

29. What is my biggest regret and why?

30. Do you feel misunderstood?

31. What do you want to get out of your shadow work journey?

32. How are you similar to your parents, and in what ways are you different from them?

33. How would you describe your life now to your child self?

34. What is failure to you?

35. When do I feel the most valued? 

The list as you see can be endless, but hopefully we gave you a place to start.

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