Remembering the Beginning of Time: Twin Flames

A lot of people think that soul mates and twin flames are the same thing. They are not. A person in your life can be both a soul mate and a twin flame, as both are intense connections, but there is only one twin flame and you can have multiple soul mates. A twin flame is explained as the other half of one’s soul. There are a lot of misconceptions of how twin flames came into being. The most popular was that they were one soul torn apart, but I think it is something else. I think it was the last split before we became individuals.

When I accidentally found my twin flame, I didn’t even know the term. I mean I had heard it once or twice, but I hadn’t a clue of what this was I had stumbled in to. When I found out and read about the idea of one soul torn apart, I was none too happy about this. I wanted the other half of my soul back ASAP. I also wanted to know who tore the twin flames apart. I was obsessed into finding that answer and was shocked nobody was looking besides me. Then I remembered the beginning of time and the splitting apart of souls. Finally it made sense.

It is true that twin flames are two halves or mirrors of each other, similar in strengths and weaknesses and feel intensely connected as if they share something, which they do. Sometimes twin flame connection bonds are as best friends; other times, it is a romantic in nature. Regardless of what form, twin flame connections are meant to ignite a profound spiritual growth or possibly a new path in life.

The journey is not easy as both twins share similar life paths, history, and trauma. Their lives have not been easy. The first time you meet them there is a sudden recognition and you feel as if you have always known them your entire life. Conversation flows, you share things you normally take awhile to share or you find your self blurting things out you never told anyone. It is s completely unexpected and out of nowhere.

Twin flame connections and soulmate connections are both profound relationships, however twin flames when they reveal parts of themselves share similar behavioral tendencies with intense emotional connections. Soul mates have completely different personalities. 2nd; soul mates are almost always romantic. Twin flames may not always end up that way due to insecurities and running away. Like a mirror the twin reflects both the good and the bad traits in their twin. Due to this the one twin may block the other and the other twin hurt leaves due to the rejection. Soul mates are someone you plan to spend the rest of your life with and love unconditionally. The twin flame relationship if it ends up romantically not only is it unconditional and uplifts the connection but the connection uplifts the world.

More later on the twin flame connection