Remembering the Beginning of Time: Soul Mates

In the last article we talked about soul families. Today we are taking on soul mates. Soul mates are cut from the same energetic cloth and are sent to help awaken and challenge, so we can grow, evolve and become the best versions of ourselves. A soul mate helps us elevate our own consciousness. Most likely you have met your soul mate in several lifetimes.

Soul mates come in as relatives, friends and lovers. They can come and go in and out of our lives depending on what the soul needs to evolve. When you meet your soul mate it seems fated, like you have done this before and the bond or connection is strong.

Soul mate relationships are not always romantic, though it is hard to resist that pull. Here are some signs your have met your soul mate.

  • Feel fated or “destined.”
  • There is a strong connection but that may also change in intensity as the life lessons are learned.
  • There are most likely challenge in order to change or shift things in your life so you evolve.
  • This relationship always brings a strong life lesson or a challenge to your life path
  • These relationship can release past pain, hurt and traumas so healing can occur. They can however be the cause of those emotions as well.
  • There is a strong past life connection and if you are open to it you will possibly see that life in flashes.
  • The relationship may not last or feel different once the lesson has been learned.
  • The relationship helps you to awaken to a higher level of consciousness and spirituality

Soul mate relationships are experienced on a mind, body and soul level.

Tomorrow the Twin Flame connection and how it differs.