Remembering the Beginning of Time: Soul Family

There really wasn’t a time that I haven’t remembered the origins of how we became individuals. From when I was really little I saw the collective as one nucleus. Meaning all humans were as one. Then there began the great experiment and we split into two, then that split and so on and so on. Until we were with our soul family. I’m not sure what that number was, but then that split and from that we had our soul mates and the last split is our twin flame.

A soul group or soul family normally choses to incarnate here together to learn and grow for life is a school. They may be your friends, family, teachers, mentors, lovers, or even strangers in this life time. Soul groups are often drawn to each other because they share similar interests, values, and life goals. They may also share similar past life experiences. Soul groups can be a source of great support and love. They can also be here to help us to learn, grow and to overcome challenges. They can also help us to remember our true purpose in life. Some common signs that you may have met a member of your soul group include:

* You feel a deep connection to the person, even if you have just met them.

* You feel like you have known the person your whole life.

* You feel like you can be yourself around the person.

* You feel like the person understands you on a deep level.

* You feel like the person challenges you to be a better person.

* You feel like the person is helping you to grow and learn.

If you have met a member of your soul group, cherish that relationship for they are a precious gift.

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