Pondering The April 8 Solar Eclipse

I think the first thing to be aware of is that many souls will be departing during this time. On a happier note many will be awakened to the truth of who they are.

Those who are already on this journey of awakening will have their gifts and abilities amplified. Many right now are going through an uncomfortable shedding of what is not serving, then. Otherswho have done the work already will simply easily ascend. There is no right or wrong on this path, there just is , each person will experience these energies differently.

Each will have their own experience to share to help and guide others. Know all is well and what has been and will be occurring is for the highest good.

For many the veil has always been thin, for others they were wrapped up in the things of this world and there needed to be a breaking open to see the actual truth. This is going to be happening over the next months as the total solar eclipse sheds light into all the dark corners, so there is no more hiding and the dark forces will be exposed.

You will no longer be able to stay behind the curtain, for the illusion of separateness was never a true concept. Doors will be open to freedom like they never have been before.

It is your choice to stay or go. Do you choose to part this world at this time and help other ascend or do you come back again in another form. We are all in one way or another apart of raising the evolution of humanity.

Again there is no right and wrong, there just is. As these energies are coming in to help you ground.

Here is helpful tip take a long Epsom salt, sea salt bath, swim in the ocean, in lakes, sun bathe, forest bathe, connect with nature in anyway that you can. You will feel uplifted when you do for it is nature that nurtures us.

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