OsteoStrong: BioCharger An Electrical Healing Device

We wrote about Ostrostrong and how this new facility has new machines that can biohack to rebuild bones. Here is another of their machines that uses energy to heal and dextox.

Science confirms the existence of a subtle energy field around all living organisms,
similar to the energy field recorded using thermal imaging technology. When
optimal, this energy regulates cellular functions. But if it’s lacking or imbalanced,
it causes cellular dysfunction, which decreases physical performance, injury
recovery and overall well-being. The emerging field of energy medicine (EM)
involves assessing and treating energy imbalances so that the body’s systems
achieve homeostasis. This builds upon the work of Nobel Prize scientist Otto Von
Warburg, who discovered that normal, healthy cells have trans-membrane
potentials of approximately 70 to 100 millivolts, while fatigued, sick cells exhibit
progressively lower voltages, which drop to as low as 15 millivolts in the case of
cancer or disease.

BioCharger is a subtle energy revitalization platform that uses four
types of transmitted energy—light, Voltage, frequencies, harmonics
and Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMFs)—to stimulate and invigorate the
body. A touch-free, safe, rejuvenating full-body treatment, BioCharger
supports the recovery of strength, stamina, coordination and mental
clarity. During BioCharger sessions, members experience a customized
electromagnetic field that bathes the full body in frequencies designed to restore
homeostasis. Users have reported measurable improvements in energy
levels, fatigue and overall well-being.

Health and Wellness Benefits
• Boosts performance and recovery: our clients consist of Olympic and professional athletes within the NFL, World Surf League, MLB, and NBA who use the BioCharger to accelerate muscle
recovery and reduce stiffness in joints
• Enhances mind-body balance: Aligns body and mind down to the cellular level
• Improves well-being: Delivers a variety of health-related benefits, including improved sleep and
stress reduction2
• Increases energy: Revitalizes cells and restores homeostasis, which can impact energy levels3

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