Numerology For December

2023, is winding down so it is our last chance to “get it right”. 2023 is a 7, and 7 represents trust, including self-trust.

Use this time to care for yourselves, increase your self-esteem and use your self-nurturing to attract a life worth living. Give to yourself foot reflexology, a dry sauna to sweat out the toxins and tension, music to lift your spirits, a massage to destress.

Remember we have the 12/12 portal.The number 12 of December, which reduces o a 3, asks us to nurture ourselves. Are you eating real food? Now is the time to incorporate more into your life style.

Next year is a year of massive change and new beginnings. 2024 is a 8 year, and 8 represents power, energy, finance, healing, breath and integrity under extreme pressure. Change is going to need strength from within. 8 is an air element, so think winds of change. Each of us will need to stand tall and not be manipulated by the media or our friends. Now is not the time to zone out or live in fear.

The number 8 also calls us to try and discover something new within ourselves that is worth knowing and having. Time to mix-it-up and try something different. When 8 goes negative beware of grief and depression, so be clear about what it is that you really want.

We are all navigating this unique time and space together, and we have the power to make a significant difference.

Make a difference is someone’s life and bring the miracle of Christmas to light. Helping others always lifts the spirit.

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