New Moon in Scorpio For All Signs

This new moon in Scorpio on the 13th is intense and calls for a new beginning. What does that mean for your astrological sign?

Aries: For you this new moon is about balance. If relationships are no longer serving you, maybe you need to see what you are truly feeling and face the music. Could that relationship have to do with the one with yourself? Time to give a little more love to you.

Taurus: Motivation is what this new moon is calling ut for you. Have you been working just a little too hard? Love may just keep your hope alive! Now is the time to ask questions, find the truth and realize there is always more than one side.

Gemini: Change is your word and embrace this in everything you do. Are you stuck in a routine or maybe you need to create one. Make sure you ponder you and don’t announce your every move. Dream it first. Think big, think bold and believe.

Cancer: Opening doors, You know when a door closes, another door opens? This is true in all aspects of life and for you especially this month. What do you want for your future? Make sure each moment counts. Embrace each new encounter and change the now. Success require practice and no better time.

Leo: Ohh self-control is the key here. You will feel like changing your home, either by moving or redecorating. Though holding onto items that no longer serve you is good, releasing them offers new possibilities to come forward. Maybe donating those items will bring in the spirit of giving just in time for the holidays.

VirgoL Time to get rid of stress and end toxic relationships. You have been holding your tongue, for so long and though I don’t recommend unleashing it, you can wait for the right moment and speak your truth in a gentle way. Trust your judgment and realize not everybody listens. Once you speak your truth this month will feel so much lighter.

Libra: Letting go and letting in. Venus is in your sign, which means many will be attracted to you. What we think we want is not always the best for us, though at the time it may not seem so. There is someone waiting for you, have you missed all the signs? Now is the time also to get motivated, as success is around the corner but you have to want it and not be afraid.

Scorpio: Happy birthday and with this comes emotions that can be draining, but you are being called to go full force ahead. Time to further your personal growth. Keep an open mind and know you are getting better and better. Transformation is hard but baby look how far you’ve come.

Sagittarius: Sudden change. Now is the time to reflect on your feelings and realize that now is not always the right time. If you speak too soon there may be resentment later. Now is also not the time to make commitments, without flexibility. You may not be able to change the past, but you can shape your future.

Capricorn: The past is the past. Right now the pain from the past extremely hurtful. Others don’t always see us, the way we would like and we hide in the shadows of isolation. We are misrepresented and become way too sensitive. Allow yourself to risk being misunderstood and get to really know yourself. In the end you will have grown leaps and bounds.

Aquarius: This too will past, as negative vibes surround you. Everything will get better from December on, I promise. Just breathe. You are on your path, just sometimes it takes time, patience and a heart of steal to get through it. Childhood wounds and dreams will repay in your mind this month. Don’t let them haunt you, Appreciate how far you’ve come. You are a resilient survivor and you deserve to be proud of your accomplishments.

Pisces: A call to action. Life will feel rough this month, but fortunately life goes on. Remember this too will pass. During this time acknowledge what is and has hurt and let it go. Seek out solutions and find what uplifts you. Remember the love and channel it to others. Pay it forward and it will come back.

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