Music To Heal The Soul Introducing Kanako Hara 

I first heard Kanako Hara, when she appeared on my youtube playing Billy Joel’s Root Beer Rag.  Not only did she play the intricate piano piece to perfection, but she played all the instruments. I was intrigued, so I looked her up to discover what is seriously the most happy music on the planet. Her cross over between jazz, new age and pop sets the soul stirring.

This multi-talented artist from Japan, excels as a pianist, composer, and sound producer. Her impressive portfolio includes the production of numerous original soundtracks for television series, notably contributing to the captivating opening music of “Miyane-ya”, one of Japan’s most popular TV news programs. Her creative endeavors extend beyond television, encompassing the realms of animation, drama, and musicals.

Music stands as a guiding light where we find respite and renewal. Music is an ethereal energy that transcends the boundaries of language and touches the deepest recesses of our being. This force, this essence, is the healing power of music.

This divine gift, is a symphony of frequencies resonating with the vibrations of our own being. When we immerse ourselves in its harmonies, something profound occurs within us. Our cells begin to dance to the rhythm of the universe, aligning with the cosmic symphony that permeates all of creation. In this state of resonance, healing becomes not merely a physical process but a holistic journey of integration and transformation. Ms. Hara’s music does that.

Let us not underestimate the healing power of music. Let us open our hearts and minds to its transformative energy, allowing its harmonies to wash over us like a gentle rain, cleansing and renewing us from within.

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