Messages From Angels

We will all be tested to the utmost limits in these times. Already it is unfolding. There is a vast war, underway, but more accurately, within its millenia-fold, crescendo finale. 

It is a war upon the mind. A war upon the avatar containers. A war upon the souls, and where they ultimately wind up. 

Most have been so multigenerationally, multi-INCARNATIONally beaten down, amnesia-wiped, and desensitized, that they cannot even perceive, comprehend, nor conceive what is occuring. 

But there are those, despite the cascade of violations, manipulations, deceptions and assaults, who have pierced through this incredibly bizarre distortion hologram. They are a different cut of cloth. 

Sewn back together more times than can be counted, out of tatters. Pieces sutured from remnants of battles, in realms unfathomable. These will be the true future leaders in this place. 

The elders of “myth” (true, hidden history). The ones who have always dove into the scariest of blackness, to grab the hands reaching up. Knowing they too would have to fight, just to ever emerge again. These are the toughest souls in all of creation. 


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