May Astrology

May starts with Pluto going retrograde on May 2. Don’t worry as Pluto spends almost half the year in retrograde. You are being asked to reflect on your life’s journey of life. Have you let go of old habit’s? Have you reinvented yourself? Pluto has been hanging in Aquarius since March of 23, asking you to move forward and change.

On May 7th there is a New Moon in Taurus. What that does is open the door for fresh starts. Need a do over, well now is the time.

On May 15th, Mercury is in Taurus, so get ready for communication. If you have needed to talk to someone …now is the time. On May 23rd Venus is in Gemini, which means your relationships get a makeover. This is seriously the time to reconnect and get rid of all the questions that have been taking space in your head. 

On May 23rd is a Full Moon in Sagittarius that will help clear away all those mental roadblocks helping you break free and live your best life.

AriesHave you been depressed?Feeling out of sorts? You can thank the eclipse and Mercury in retrograde for that, but May brings you a cosmic boot tell you to charge full ahead. May is your time to shine. Do you play the lottery? Now is the time as financial wins are in your chart. Also time to socialize as there are opportunities there.

Taurus: Time to showcase how awesome you are. May sees you grounded and present, so imagine what you can accomplish. The New Moon gives your power. Expect some extra money as your sign is also in for some extra cash coming your way. Embrace change, align with your values and May will see you truly shinning..

Gemini: Time to reconnect and get rid of any relationship drama. Last month was a little crazy for you, so it is natural that you are a bit skittish. However you will be like a social butterfly this month and you will be in the spotlight. Take the lessons of last month and apply them to your relationships. If you let go, then new and better things can come in.

Cancer: Ohhh you are going to like May. The New and Full Moon will see you back in the swing of things. You’ve hopefully let go of those bad habits, so you are ready to start anew. Shake up those old routine and embrace your freedom. Now is the time to turn your home into a place you really love, so you can bring love and warmth in.

Leo: April sees you learning and taking off on a new adventure. You are being recognized for the truly fabulous person you are. This month will also see you reflecting and pondering on your long-term goals and dreams. Time to find your true calling, make those dreams a reality and live your most authentic life. 

Virgo: Wow April felt like it knocked the wind out of your sails. Did you learn anything when you were asked to dig deep into the caverns of your soul? Time to take that knowledge and push out of your comfort zone. Shake up your routine and discover what’s been hiding right in front of your eyes. This month will also see you excel professionally so go for it.

Libra: How many relationship whoa’s have you been through this month? Did you grow and learn to leave the past behind you? Have you embraced your hearts desire or have you pushed it down to where you are comfortable? Time to be vulnerable, let your guard down, stop trying to make sense of it all. The heart wants what the heart wants and it doesn’t have to make sense, except to you.

Scorpio: Yeah, this month kicks off with a bang, especially in the romance department. Are you thinking of a deeper commitment? Yes, if you have integrated all those shifts in your life. If not this month offers fresh opportunities in both your professional and personal relationships. The cosmic wheel has turned, so get ready for the ride.

Sagittarius: Time to concentrate on your health and daily routines. This is going to be one fast month for you and you will need to feel your best. This month will also see you growing in leaps and bounds. You will be on turbo charge in your relationships and professional life, so stay on the top of your game. You’ve been warned, now take advantage. 

Capricorn: Ta ta da da this month is fabulous for you. Fun, experiences galore, celebrations and more. Just make sure that in between all this fun you stay concentrated on your work load or next month may be torturous. This summer may be your best, but remember to stay grounded.

Aquarius: Have you been working too much lately? This month sees you ready to kick back and unwind. Last month saw you focused on where your life is heading. Time to reignite that spark and bring some passion back into your world. Pluto is retrograde in your sign, which mean time to evolve into the best and brightest version of yourself. 

Pisces: Blessing for you in your home and family life. You have a clearer frame of mind and are more in tune with your thoughts. Time to connect with others. You have spent a couple of months on the self-improvement lessons, time for a break. Treat yourself this month and give both to yourself and your home. Spring cleaning is just what the doctor ordered.

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