March Astrology

Has this month already had you feel a little dreamy and in a fog? Well it did me which is why this is late. Remember that Daylight Savings Time begins at 2 AM on the 10th.

Pisces: The sun is in your sign until the 21st and you will shine both to others and yourself. Your confidence is given a boost, which allows you to glow up. Set clear intentions to where you’d like to go, as the universe is paying attention and wanting to grant your wish, into existence. Find the balance between being spiritually attuned and this world. They can coexist.

Aries: Don’t be Impulsive, but do dream. You might be in the hibernation mood until your birthday, but that is because you are healing, closing up cycles and connecting within. Allow yourself to feel and not run away. After your big day you will have a clarity and confidence which will make you smile. Remember to set intentions for what you want and take a leap of faith to achieve them. Dreams do come true.

Taurus: Your feeling good and harmonizing with the world. Hope you are manifesting because the planets are on your side. If your dream it it will come. Feeling sensual and emotional? The universe is helping you to connect and help you spread your wings. This is also a time of healing for you. Do you need closure in a part of your life? Make sure you also keep your health in check as you need to feel healthy inside and out. 

Gemini: You too are in harmony with the universe. Time to dream big, rebrand yourself and expand your social circle. This month will see you focusing on your career as you get inspired. You actually may be on the path to living your best life this month. Looking for love? You just may find the one as love is looking for you. if you have some unhealthy habits, not is the time to purge.

Cancer: There’s a song from Merrily We Roll Along where the lyric states “Were opening doors singing, “Here we are!” We’re filling up days on a dime. That faraway shore’s looking not too far. We’re following every star? There’s not enough time!” Well that is your month in a nut shell. Doors of opportunity abound, you to be brave enough to walk through them. Travel, stepping out of your comfort zone and dream bigger are just tagging along. 

Leo: Your intuition is working overtime as you can feel a positive change in your career. Time to be emotionally transparent and stop overprotecting yourself. Lean into your intuitive nature and set intentions that allow you to trust. The Universe has your back and all is well.  A project you’ve been working on these past well have you singing “Celebrate good times come on!”

Virgo: Ohhh love, intimacy, marriage and partnership are what is waiting for you this month. Time to invest in yourself, as finances are also highlighted. Take leaps of faith with your money and it just may pay off in a big ways. There may be some unexpected challenges or plot twists, but don’t believe everything that you hear. Sometimes people are just trying to stir stuff up. Trust in yourself and intuition.

Libra: Things are looking up materially. The month will start off small so get yourself organize and in alignment with your deepest values. Simplify your lifestyle, visualize yourself feeling light-hearted, joyful, and free. Now make that happen. Did you make a relationship mistake? Was it due to inner wounds? Transcend and you can rise from the ashes, Libra.Time to soar and live again. 

Scorpio: March will be emotional, but restore your creativity, inspiring you as well as others. You might just feel as if you’re living a fairy tale as love and your life get better day by day. You will feel as if this is too good to be true, but the answer is the Universe wants to reward you. Sometimes the gift is to receive, so do so with gratitude. Deep memories can help you solve a personal problem and also bring positive change.

Sagittarius: March is asking you to slow down, ground yourself, stop multitasking and focus on being present, not just with yourself, but nature, your family, and those you love. Is family trauma or generational curses weighing you down? You are also being asked to release this, as the weight is getting to much to bare. If you bravely face them head on your life will lighten up considerably. 

Capricorn: Communication and creativity is highlighted. Time to start a passion project. Your inner child is asking to be set free and join in the fun and that will become your superpower. If you haven’t dealt with family issues they may cause some tension. Just breathe, this too shall pass. You are being asked to creating a greater balance and freedom between work and personal time.

Aquarius: You are not normally into money, however you are being taught this month to allow material and financial rewards flow to you. Time to attract wealth for all the work you do and learn it is ok to be financially a success. Your area’s of communication and creativity are being given the green light and because of it your self-confidence and vision expand. Travel is also coming to you so pack those bags. 

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