March Astrology Quick Over View

This months drama is intense. Faith is being tested. Continuing from February is the transit of letting go what no longer serves you. If you didn’t do this personally, it was done for you. If you are feeling sensitive and nostalgic, do not worry, this too will pass. On March 19, thankfully the energy picks up and you will feel back on track.

I am sorry I am late on this reading, but I was overwhelmed with the aspects that are hitting everyone. Was there news that knocked you for a loop? Were there people who revealed their true nature and you needed to deal with the fall out? Expect the unexpected on March 3rd when Venus in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus, surprises you financially and personally.

On March 4 Mercury in Pisces and Uranus in Taurus says listen up. On the 8th weepy Pisces has you lost in your feelings, imagination and fantasies. On the 9th, words can sting, but you need to speak your truths, however do not pick a fight, as it will have long-lasting consequences. On the 10th, release the past.

The last weeks bring harmony and a sense of security. On the 17th, pay your dreams.

The 19th is the spring equinox and the start of spring. As we step into Aries season set intentions for this for some is actually the new year. The 20th is a great time to start healing both inside and outside.

Do you need to make amends or start afresh? The 21st will help you with a deeper sense of commitment. Allow yourself to feel those moments of celebration while feeling grateful for all your blessings.

Up next individual signs.

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