Let’s Talk About 5G: More On It All

I started this series about the effects of 5G and Tinnitus. Then I discussed electromagnetic radio frequency radiation (EMRFR) and Skin Tightening.

It really doesn’t matter how much I talk about the unhealthy and damaging effects of 5G because there are others things that we have been lied to about, that are making International news this week. We were told plastic bottles were safe and yet the average bottle of water contains 240,000 pieces of cancer-causing nanoplastics – 100 times more than previously thought. Don’t believe me? Click on the articles and read. Scientists have also found 90% of all burgers, steaks, chicken and plant-based foods contain cancer-causing microplastics. Then there is fast food restaurants with hormone-warping chemicals called phthalates – a ‘forever chemical’ linked to cancerfertility issues and autism.

With articles like this and the ones that disappear on the effects of 5G, one’s mind can go insane. There is a movie I recommend you watch on Amazon called Resonance: Beings of Frequency. This eye-opening documentary, that explores the topic of cell phone frequency radiation and its potential effects on our health can also be found on YouTube. With the widespread use of cell phones, it’s important to understand the risks and how we can protect ourselves.

If artificially created radio waves are killing honeybees, what are cell phone towers doing to our health.

On Monday how to protect yourself.

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