Healing With Scalar Energy

Nikola Tesla was named “The Father of Scalar Energy.” Scalar energy is said to promote healing in our bodies with the help of subtle energy frequencies. This energy is generated naturally, but it can also be artificially produced. Despite its many benefits, people still find the idea of scalar waves for healing hard to grasp. If you are one of those people this information will hopefully give you some answers.

Scalar energy is also known as “scalar fields” or “Tesla fields” due to Nicola Tesla’s interest in this particular subject. The concept has been around for quite a while. Here the application of energy is intertwined into both Quantum Field Theory and Quantum Mechanics.

Due to it being labeled as alternative medicine, it hasn’t received much attention from the media.

The discovery of scalar waves dates back to the 19th century and is attributed to James Clerk Maxwell. Tesla expounded upon Maxwell’s discovery and referred to this energy as universal waves or standing energy. Tesla believed that if harnessed correctly, this energy can offer endless possibilities. Later, Einstein also acknowledged the existence of this energy which then led to the discovery and development of quantum physics.

Dr. Glen Rein, observed that scalar energy improved the growth of white blood cells. These experiments and studies proved that this energy has the potential to positively improve the immune responses of human bodies.

Scalar energy is formed when two identical frequencies from opposite directions come together and collide. It contains circles of energy that radiate outwards in balanced networks, which help in creating a field of live energy systems. It is due to these radiations and frequencies that imbalances and illnesses are caused in the human body.

Scalar energy healing makes use of scalar waves to improve the overall wellness and health of individuals. If you undergo this therapy with mindfulness, it can also help you improve other areas of your life and manage stress and anxiety. Think of it as recharging a lithium battery, suddenly feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Moreover, undergoing several sessions of scalar therapy will result in stronger chemical bonds within your DNA, which will help them in resisting damage easily. Scalar energy healing also helps in cleansing your blood cells that helps your cells function better and at full strength.

Learn more about Scalar Energy tomorrow as I continue why it is so useful and how to apply this method for a better life.