Healing With Music: Anger and Rage

We are told in this world to stuff away our negative emotions. I can’t not even recall the number of times I have been told to be the “better person,” when someone wounds or cuts me to the core and like the “good girl,” I do. I seriously hate that statement and end up resenting the fact that I am the one who always has to be the better person. In all honesty I don’t always want to be the better person, so I stuff my emotions down.

You would have thought, I would had learned my lesson when I was diagnosed with Stomach Cancer and ended up going to a healer in Brazil to cure it. While I was there, I learned how even the littlest things can cause dis-ease. My head was opened up like a camera shutter and it felt like two elves went in and shoveled out memories. I was shown what had affected me and my disbelief at that astounded? I was stunned that even the most insignificant things had made me feel insignificant, let alone the larger ones. This may sound crazy, but I returned from Brazil Cancer free. I had done the work, faced the emotions and dealt with them.

Needless to say life keeps moving forward and more and more things started to pile up, but I had thought I had learned to be more emotion forward. The answer was I hadn’t. I was still being the “good girl” and “being the better person,” hating it even more than ever. I hadn’t even realized it until my friend Elisabeta introduced me to heavy metal and the band Tool. The first song she played was “Schism” and it spoke to my soul. The anger and the rage I thought was gone came bubbling up.

Then she played “Monsters” by Shinedown and as my body grooved to the bass. I felt my “negative emotions dissipate. I was being healed.

Next came Bad Wolves “Zombie,” which let out other forms of emotion and the healing continued.

It was followed by System of a Down- Toxicity

and so many more release the disowned emotions and as it did I healed. Suddenly I thought of all the children out there who are told not to cry, not to feel anything but love or “good thoughts,” with this there is a solution to the disconnected of humanity that has no clue of the anger and rage within.

I missed the heavy metal craze, so all this was new to me. I had watched one or two video’s and they seemed more demon based and I tuned out without listening to the lyric or feeling their groove. That was wrong. Music has the power to heal and depending where your head is at, this just might be the safest way to get humanity back on track.

I am not a doctor, but I am an observer of life and maybe just maybe, we can heal if we spread the message that it is ok to feel feelings that may not seem so healthy or “good”. I always wondered who made psychologists God and judge. After all, they are just people too.

My next foray into releasing emotions… junkyard therapy, where you bash up items. Hmmm now this could be interesting.