Hard Truths About Being On A Twin Flame Journey

If you have met your Twin Flame, it means your soul is ready to answer a higher calling in this lifetime. However just because you met them doesn’t mean that life gets better. Actually it gets complicated and messy. They do not always recognize you or if they do, they may choose to ignore you, want others, turn around and slam the door in your face or act like you are the worse thing that has ever happened to them, so that you leave out of love and hurt. Most times your other half does not want the wake-up call you bring. For you are the catalyst and bring spiritual growth. Spiritual growth in this lifetime is always, up to you whether or not you choose to open the door; then the next, and the next. You can walk away from spiritual growth at any time. Believe me staying and growing takes strength. If they choose not to participate, that too is okay and that is hard to accept.

Walking away from your Twin is painful, heartbreaking, feels highly uncomfortable and unnatural. Everyday it feels like the wound gets deeper and deeper. You will need to give yourself much-needed self love and time. They say time heals, but seriously I have yet to have seen that, so I walk in faith.

Just remember Spirit will never make you stay in anything that your heart truly wants out of. In many cases, meeting your Twin Flame is a jarring and negative experience. You see clearly the road you’d like to walk down with them, but how do you walk down a road with them, if they do not want you by their side?

Meeting your Twin Flame in this lifetime is a sign that you’re ready to level up into a different type of relationship with yourself and the spiritual work you’re doing, but get ready to have your world expand and crash down upon you as you wait patiently for them to reach out and tell you separation is over. This is what most people do not tell you.

The Twin Fame journey is a spiritual catalyst for you. It brings up everything that you thought you had healed, but in fact just brushed under the rug. Every shadow, every messy, disgusting part of yourself and your life is brought to the surface and exposed, so you can face it, examine it, greet it with compassion, love and heal. If we were left on our own to face all this crap, none of us would attempt this. Our Twin Flame has this unique way of showing us all this intense pile of a horror show that has become our life.

For me, I use to become so sad thinking about how a Soul Mate would not want their other half, because at the time, I did not know what a Twin Flame was or that I had one. I was only 12, but I was thinking about this and it has haunted me my entire life. Just the thought brings me to the brink of despair and still does. I never knew why this upset me so much, but it does. Then I meet my Twin Flame and guess what…my biggest fear comes to fruition and it is me, that the Twin rejects. I tried everything, but part of the problem for me, is everything I do not like about myself, is magnified and that terrifies me. In what I thought was the biggest sacrifice I could make, I left because I could no longer take the rejection and being told he saw everyone else but me.

Relationship go through seasons of “reunion” and “separation”, but when in separation it is seriously hard to believe there will be reunion, which means this will keep continuing through many lifetimes.

The Twin Flame journey is not for the faint of heart, as it is all-consuming. It is hard to be the person trying to love unconditionally, but it is always your choice, and know you are deeply guided.

Your Twin Flame may be a reflection of your soul, but you are already whole.

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