Going Between The Veils

Since 2020, the veils between the physical world and the spiritual worlds has been thinning. As the veil thin, the more people are awakening to their spiritual truths. 

We are born knowing all about the spiritual realms, then we “forget”. We stop remembering the memories of past lives and the relationship we had with other souls incarnated at this time. Some soul’s when born veil’s are thinner and they are highly sensitive, because they constantly see things others can not. If a soul has gone through a shock or trauma the veil will also be thin and these people are also highly sensitive.

As the veils becomes more translucent, other realities and existences will be felt and seen. If we are vibrating on a darker level, our chakras, auras and our ego vibrate at a denser level and that leads to the difficulty in getting in touch with our true soul. As we develop and become more sensitive, by working through our issues, blocks and lower vibrational emotions such as hatred, we start to open up to the infinite possibilities. Past lives can surface, our relationships to others may become clear and our souls feel lighter.

We incarnated here for a purpose. Possibly unresolved issues or blocks from the past, will play out in this lifetime. Most people who you are close to, are from other lifetimes. They play out in karmatic ties, soul family or possibly a twin flame, though that is rare.

The veil is thinner just before bed or when we are awakening. The reason for this is the rational mind is out of the way. When we’re completely relaxed, the ego is not so tense and trying to control things.

When we wake up and start to see things for what they are we become less wounded and we start to find balance band see the true miracle of living on earth. As we get more and more in touch with our subconscious and clear the way the veils can lead us to information such as the Akashic records.

As we develop and work through issues, like judgement, then remembrance gradually happens and we awaken. Things become magical and we see how all things are connect and that separation is an illusion.

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