Full Moon Astrology in Cancer:

Aries: Are you revisiting the same memories and places hoping for a different outcome? Though it is possible for that to happen, isn’t it much easier to manifest what you want and allow the universe to provide. I know scary, but it is all in the intention.

Taurus: Sorry to tell you this but you need to grow up. Those childhood ways are no longer serving you. I agree life would be great if we could all be Peter Pan, but sooner or later that does not get you what you want. Focus on what it is you do want and life might just seem like Neverland.

Gemini: Sometimes we have to face our demons and address them head-on. Sure it is great to run and have others take care of you, but surprisingly enough, when you face your fears they are never as bad as they seemed. Those big bad monsters are actually scared tiny pussy cats. 

Cancer: How is your year unfolding? If it is going well….bravo, you really did do the work. If not and you are straying too far from your goals, it’s time to re-access. Try taking time to ground yourself through writing or meditation and your path will be back to where you want it to be.

Leo: Oh kitties…are you in your feelings spiraling? The state of our hearts leads us down some rather winding roads. Try to get more in your head instead of dwelling on your feelings. What is the good in overthinking. Sometimes who we love, does not love us, but time does heal.

Virgo: Are you overstepping your boundaries? I know you have the best intentions, but sometimes people have to find their own ways..Use this full moon to work on yourself release the rest unto the universe. You’ll be surprised how much happy, you and everyone else will be.

Libra: Your career has been taking up all your time and instead of focusing on your well being and your final evolutional ride on the wheel of life, you have been focusing on others. During this Full Moon, consider stepping back and clocking out at work. Your focus should be on your emotional well being.

Scorpio: Now is the time for life lesson. Become a student of life. Yes knowledge might feel heavy, but with it your words will have value. Time to appreciate your own ideas, and write down your dreams and thoughts. This will help you and others after the New Year.

Sagittarius: Cheer up buck-a -roo. The alignment of the plants is assessing how you cope with your home life, your family and your chosen family. Take life one step at a time, which may be a challenge since your feel more comfortable seeing the bigger picture. Do not allow yourself to feel overwhelmed.

Capricorn: You are your biggest priority. You may feel obligated to care for others, but you can not be of benefit if you haven’t started with yourself first. Are you doing this because it feels familiar or because you feel guilty for wanting to be alone?

Aquarius: You have prioritized other and now need to take time for yourself. You may find it hard to balance your values under this full moon.Take time to ground yourself as it will create a sense of balance. Reflect on what matters to you, your needs, and your responsibilities. The future, will always be there tomorrow.

Pisces: Time to step out into the spotlight and shine. Your creative process should not just happen behind closed doors. Stop being so hard on yourself. Doing so prevents you from connecting with others. Find out how can you release yourself from the high expectations you’ve set for yourself?

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