February Astrology

I was so wrapped up in the February 2nd portal that I forgot to do the astrology for the month. Oh well a day late….

Pluto, Mercury, Mars, and Venus all make their way into Aquarius this month. On February 9, a new moon in Aquarius asks us to be who we truly are and not be afraid. If we are true to ourselves, then we are free to be present to others.

On February 10th, Chinese New Year ushers in the the Wood Dragon.

On February 16th Pisces enter with open hearts and emotions on display. On February 24th, the full Snow Moon in Virgo. 

Aquarius: Happy Birthday! Now is the time to ground yourself. This should be an exciting month with new energy, opportunities and a dream coming true. It’s about time water bearers, as visions of a beautiful future are no longer your secret longing, but reality. You have always seen the future and now others are catching up to what you have so bravely kept burning.for the rest.

Pisces: Happy pre-birthday to you, but before that birthday it is time to reflect in your subconscious mind. This first part of the month is about looking into self-undoing. Time to unlearning and break patterns that no longer serve you. You are always helping others. If your interactions are unbalanced, spread your wings, withdraw and focus on you

Aries: .This year started a new 7-year chapter that will lead to success. You are being activated to find true connections. Be open to people you may have previously overlooked. Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive. You are on the right path, to where you want to go.This new path will open up so many doors. Just make sure to keep your eyes open.

Taurus: If you think or build it, it will happen. You will be inspired to achieve. You are being asked to write your story and create what it is your truly dream of. Jupiter, is hanging out in your sign until the end of May, so you have luck on your side and nothing to lose. Only your disbelief in yourself can stop you. Your empathy this month will be a blessing, so look to help those around.

Gemini: You will be out of your comfort zone this month as you are asked to break free from the real world. Tapping into your emotions will help, so do not suppress. You are being asked to find out where the anger, dissatisfaction and or rage in you lies. Acknowledge those feeling and get to the root cause. Understanding the why is actually a gift.

Cancer: You too are being asked to make peace and confront your shadows, secrets and attachments so you can move forward. Out with the unhealthy and negative, and in with the healthy and positive. You will find the willpower you need as your journey becomes about self. Lifestyle changes, moving, a makeover will lead to a new and better you.

Leo:  Kitties get ready to shine. Your career is highlighted with success and achievements. A phase of hard work is on route, but it will pay off with rewards and recognition. It’s possible that your success lies in the past, so if you have a project hidden somewhere time to unearth. Your house of partnerships is also on display, as you are asked how your relationships have shaped your world at large. 

Virgo: Health as wealth and it is time to look at if your habits/rituals are serving you. You might want to take a look at your stress levels. Could a move be in your horizon? Work, home and location, are all highlighted and if your plan on making a change it is a wise decision. Organize and plan and let your interests, desires, and passions lead you to where you need to be.. 

Libra: Don’t get stuck in your head, as love is in the air if you only allow it. You are being asked to be open-minded. Why are you stuck? Your heart and the universe have been trying to show you the course of action. You are living your life like it’s “‘Groundhog Day”. Get out of your own head and the past. Stop being so stubborn. Embrace life and love you are primed to receive and reciprocate. 

Scorpio: Core values, the karma of your ancestors are at play here. It’s time to uproot, so new roots can grow. If you are thinking of breaking free, make sure it is not out of boredom or frustration. Don’t act in haste. You will feel disconnected, frustrated and listless in your love life, but that is because you keep shutting your heart down. The heart wants what the heart wants and it is a powerful muscle.

Sagittarius:  For you communication, conversation and currency should be your motto. The briefest, simplest exchanges will lead to fulfilling those the three words. It is also time to clear away everything outstanding in your inbox. Priorities, focus and don’t procrastinate as it’s is all up to you Research before you make any big decisions because you don’t have all of the info, but soon you will.

Capricorn:  Wealth and your true definition of richness is highlighted. Key words are contribution, trust and community. Do you realize that love is wealth? In giving you get. If you life is not serving you time to bring it down and start a new with a stronger foundation.There is a six-week project which will lead to success. Demolition is just the first step.

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