February 9th’s New Moon

The Aquarius new moon blesses us with its presence on February 9th! But don’t forget, the energy will be present several days before and after. Since new moons happen once a month, we are constantly beginning and ending cycles. The new moon is the the beginning of a cycle, kinda like a cosmic reset. The new moon is an ideal time to set intentions and goals providing a grounding and a sense of direction.

Aquarius energy is all about breaking free of old patterns and finding new ways to innovate and level up. Now is the time to make a change, especially difficult ones as the Aquarian energy will elevate your success with courage and inventiveness. All you have to be is authentic, for this energy is all about expressing your truth and not being afraid of what the world or others thinks about you.

This year the New Moon will not be seen as it will have a blacked-out appearance. This new moon is also a supermoon, so expect to feel a bit more emotional and intense.

Now is the time to truly let your heart and spirit sing and find that fiery passion for life. This moon is asking you to be true to your heart and self. 

Tap into that Aquarius spirit and just be yourself.

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