Do Crystals Healing Have Any Scientific Backing?

Crystals can boost moods, give a heightened sense of self-awareness, help you achieve a feeling of serenity, but until now the belief in the scientific community is that crystal healing and wellness is more a source of mystical inspiration and folklore. Crystals are often linked to alternative medicine. 

The alignment toward better physical and mental healing asks the question of what are the true power of crystals? 

Most say it’s important to note that crystal healing falls more into the realm of therapies and wellness than mainstream science. While there isn’t evidence supporting the effectiveness of healing crystals from the scientific community, there is a vibrant and growing community of holistic wellness practitioners who have personally experienced remarkable benefits through careful use of crystals. 

Common benefits are an energy resonance. Crystals have vibrations that can interact with our body’s energy fields. When a crystal’s energy aligns with our chakras (energy centers), it can promote balance and overall well-being.

Crystals have been used for healing, protection and spiritual practices across cultures and over thousands of years and offer mindfulness and relaxation. Holding, gazing at or meditating with crystals can help individuals feel grounded, calm and focused. 

Crystals are often admired for their beauty and visual allure. Interacting with crystals can evoke feelings of pleasure, tranquility and positive emotions. 

Crystals hold meanings for different people Crystals can symbolize intentions and can serve as reminders of personal goals, affirmations or spiritual beliefs.

Current research does not provide enough conclusive data regarding healing properties, but they have noted crystals have the ability to resonate at the same frequency as the human body, facilitating a connection between the body, spirit and mind on a wavelength level. This resonance allows for the harmonization of energy, creating an environment conducive to healing.

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