Did You Know There Are Two Main Energies In The Universe? 

The answer is Scalar Energy and Electromagnetic Energy.

The sun and stars emit scalar energy. When outdoors we are constantly receiving low amounts of scalar energy. Scalar energy carries “information” in the form of lightwave energy that instructs all physical matter in the universe to assume a specific “geometry.” Scalar energy provides the intelligence for elements to “bind or unbind” and is the actual cause of gravity!

Using scalar Light instruments administer concentrated scalar energy. Think how a satellite can communicate with another satellite or how you tune in to a radio station. 

Now think about the sun. The sun communicates with a plant using light energy as well. The sun uses light to instruct a plant to begin making its own food. This process is called photosynthesis.

Scalar energy has been used in physics. Scalar fields are mathematical constructs that assign a scalar value (a number) to every point in space. Scalar energy has unique healing properties, though many would love to debunk this.

Linked to the concept of vibrational frequencies knowing that the universe is made up of vibrational frequency, and maintaining a harmonious energy balance is essential for spiritual and physical health. Scalar fields play a role in the interconnectedness of all things. This align us with spiritual philosophies that emphasize unity, interconnectedness, and a collective consciousness.

Electromagnetic energy describes the energy associated with electromagnetic fields. It is a type of energy that is carried by electromagnetic waves. An electromagnetic field consists of both electric and magnetic components and permeates space around electrically charged particles, such as electrons. In the the human body our energy centers are called chakras. These centers are frequencies of energy, including electromagnetic energy. Practices such as yoga and meditation are often employed to balance and align these energies.

The aura is thought to be composed of subtle energies. Crystals interact with and channel energies, including electromagnetic energies. Specific crystals resonate with different frequencies and can positively influence a person’s energy field.

There is a connection between thoughts, emotions, and vibrational frequencies. The idea is that positive or negative thoughts can influence one’s energetic state, potentially affecting the electromagnetic energy associated with an individual.

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