Crystals for Releasing Resentment And Healing Relationships

Forgiveness is not always easy and is referred to as a divine trait. However being able to let go of emotions, thoughts of anger and resentment allow us to heal ourselves and others. When we give in to these emotions we actually hurt ourselves. By releasing these negative emotions it opens us up to a higher vibrational state of mind.

Forgiving does not mean you condone or excuse bad behavior, it just means you release both you and them from karmic ties. One of the ways to do this is with intent. In using crystals you can focus with extra energetic help.

Here are our favorite crystals to use. Amazonite improves communication in relationships and helps solve any misunderstandings. This is a powerful stone to use when working to increase the flow of communication in your relationships.

Black Obsidian is a master protector and helps to shield us against negative energies or emotions and allows us to open up new pathways, leaving behind what no longer serves us. It encourages you to release any resentment or bitterness that is holding us back from living at your highest potential. If you have self-defeating habits and need free of emotional wounds. This is the ultimate stone for letting go! 

Hiddenite is a powerful crystal to use in times of grief or renewal. It resonating with the heart chakra, and promotes love, hope, and connection, allowing you to grow on both an emotional and spiritual level. 

Pink Opal is a calming crystal soothing energy to help nurture you back into a state of balance, promoting healing and hope. This is a great stone for letting go!

Rhodonite activates the heart chakra and the throat chakra, helping with forgiveness, acceptance, and emotional balance. This crystal also stimulates love and compassion while helping to let go of a painful situation.

Rose Quartz  is known as the crystal of unconditional and universal love. This stone radiates a gentle, nurturing energy that allows us to open up and purify your heart on all levels, encouraging empathy, compassion, and emotional healing.

Unakite Jasper is one of the best forgiveness crystals as it brings about emotional balance through a gentle release of emotions.

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