Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness represents an elevated state encompassing our authentic nature and our higher selves. This level of consciousness transcends religious boundaries, it is a universal belief. It extends beyond his individual persons. It symbolizes the spiritual enlightenment attained not only by Christ but also by other ascended Masters who endured suffering and emerged with profound wisdom love and higher levels of compassion. It aligns us with divine wisdom, unconditional love, heightened awareness and consciousness.

Christ Conscious during Christmas has an intense cosmic energy that heightens our collective consciousness, leading to endings, new beginnings, and increased levels of awareness. Ascension light codes are awakening our consciousness and activating our DNA.

During this time, past issues and unresolved emotions will resurface, overwhelming the soul. Mercury retrograde, makes us feel disconnected. It is important to reflect on your personal growth and changes you have made in the last past year. You may feel emotional or out of place. This is part of the ascension process. As we transition to a new year, we need to relay on wisdom and gather from within.

The collective energies will be mixed. Expect feelings of sadness, disappointment, fear, along with love, miracles, and blessings. Honor and release these and embrace your feelings.

Sensitive souls often have their feelings invalidated, this is why you need to self-validate. Remember that every step taken towards self-love contributes to significant leaps and bounds in our personal Ascension.

By accessing the Christ Consciousness, we awaken to our true origins and our potential to live in alignment. We are asked to shed all ego-driven patterns, limited beliefs, and embrace unity with love.

You are more powerful than you realize. Keep following your inner light and embrace the wholeness that resides within you.

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